Why we launched a data center in Singapore

Workato SG Data centre image

As our latest Work Automation Index shows, automation adoption has grown exponentially in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region.

To help meet our clients’ growing demand for automation and to support our growing footprint in the region, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new data center in Singapore. 

The new data center is the latest in a series of investments we’ve made in the APJ region. Since receiving accreditation by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore in 2021, we’ve expanded our regional management team, launched a Digital Automation Hub in Singapore, announced plans to invest SGD$300 million in the nation by 2025, and signed three Memorandums of Understanding with Institutes of Higher Learning (in order to offer courses on automation as well as provide industry engagement opportunities). 

Now, with a new data center based in Singapore, our customers will be able to deploy locally-available, end-to-end automation solutions securely and effectively, from a centralized cloud. 

Read on to learn about the key features that our new data center offers.

1. Meet local data protection and compliance requirements

Our customers now have the option to store, process, and retain their data within Singapore, allowing them to meet both internal policies and regulatory requirements mandated by the government. In addition, the data center will be built with the same high-availability architecture design as Workato’s infrastructure in the US. This means it offers 100% in-region data locality, with no replication or backup to US data centers. Since this provides data storage and processing isolation in each region, it goes a step further in ensuring that you meet data protection requirements.

2. Enjoy reliable security and control over how data is stored and managed

Workato operates on a unified security model, ensuring a secure and safe environment for our customers. Moreover, our customers own and control their own data. They get to decide what data should be masked, allowing you to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive data, such as employee information or sales numbers. 

Our clients also get to decide how long data is stored on our platform, which helps address concerns about data exposure on third-party cloud applications. 

Finally, we use the same high standards of data encryption in our US and EU data centers for storing data at rest. And we provide customers with visibility to our security and privacy controls through third-party audits (SOC-2 Type II), as well as our Customer Audit Program.

3. Receive instant platform updates 

In addition to serving customers’ data onshoring needs, we’re now able to deploy updates to multiple data centers across all the regions we operate in simultaneously, including the US, EU, and now Asia Pacific. 

This minimizes service disruptions and ensures that our customers get the latest software updates immediately. 

Keeping your data safe and secure

As our clients in Singapore and in the wider Asia Pacific region continue to embark on their digital transformation journeys with us, we’ll be able to support their data governance needs even better through our new data center.

You can find out more about our Singapore-based data center here; you can also connect with our sales team to learn more about it.