Turn HubSpot into Hub-Spokes: How to Activate Marketing Insights Throughout the Business

In today’s tech-driven world, modern marketers have many ways to connect with customers: social media, blogs, email marketing, search engine optimization and marketing analytics.  Tools like HubSpot have ushered in a new area of marketing automation eliminating the need to manually execute these strategies.  These apps automate tasks and collect a treasure trove of data that marketers can use to inform marketing, sales, customer success and loyalty strategies.  But a new problem arises: how do marketers actually activate the insights that they collect across their business?

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Integrating HubSpot across Apps Increases Profitability

The sheer number of apps that can leverage such insights leave employees continually exporting and importing data over and over.  Manual data entry in the marketing world dwindles time.  Even though the practice of marketing has become automated, activating marketing insights still remains manual.

When marketing cultivates a lead and comes through, the sales and customer success teams need that information immediately.  What’s more customer success and technical support departments may use different apps despite their close working partnership to keep customers happy.  Manual handling also increase the risk for errors, omissions, and timely follow-up.  Time and accuracy are of the essence and without real-time data synchronization, sales are at risk.

Workato Recipes Multiply HubSpot’s Capabilities  

Individual marketing systems and strategies are so customized nowadays that any app integrations used with HubSpot must be flexible.  Workato offers ready-made recipes that allow valuable insights and actions from HubSpot to link with other apps so that your markets never miss a beat.  For example, Workato ensures that when a new contact is created with HubSpot, it instantaneously syncs with your existing CRM system, guaranteeing that all employees responsible for customer contact have the exact same data.  Moreover, Workato enables two-way synchronization, which means regardless of what system data changes in, all systems will have the same information so that decisions are made consistently and timely.

HubSpot Salesforce Integration

HubSpot Contacts Become Salesforce Leads

Sync your lead information with an integration that will ensure Salesforce Leads become HubSpot contacts and vice versa.

Shopify HubSpot Integration

New Shopify Orders Become a Contact Opportunity in HubSpot

Integrate your sales channels by making a contact in HubSpot whenever a new order goes through on Shopify.

Eventbrite HubSpot Salesforce Integration

Eventbrite Attendees Create a Lead in HubSpot/Salesforce

With this recipe, any attendees from your event will automatically become a lead in Hubspot, Salesforce, or both depending on the tickets purchased.

On its own, HubSpot’s marketing platform is extremely powerful.  Its value to an organization, though, can be limited if its immense data and insights are not activated throughout the business.  Workato provides the ability develop recipes that your marketers, sales teams, and customer success reps can use to eliminate manually trading data and focus on what matters most: the customer.  Visit Workato’s HubSpot recipes and sync departmental data today, allowing for the best way to deeply connect with new and existing customers.