Key principles for staffing and scaling your embedded platform solution

staffing and scaling embedded platform

Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) offers a variety of solutions that aim to help construction firms manage each phase of their projects successfully and easily.

To help the team at Autodesk execute on this mission, they needed to integrate ACC’s solutions with the other applications—particularly SaaS applications—their clients use to manage and execute their work.

This led the team at Autodesk to adopt Workato’s Embedded Platform and then use it to build Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect (ACC Connect). 

How does ACC Connect work? And what has the team at Autodesk done to help sell the embedded integrations and support the clients who use it? You can read on to find out.

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How Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect works

Simply put, Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect allows clients to integrate their solutions in ACC with cloud storage, accounting, esignature tools, etc. 

Once connected, clients can build custom workflows that not only keep their systems up to date, but also improve the way their teams work together.

James Cook, the Head of Integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions, went on to share the following video to further explain ACC Connect.

He also offered up a quick and easy way to understand it:

“All we’re really doing is white-labeling, rebranding, and reselling Workato. It is all of the same functionality then if someone bought Workato directly…..where we add some special value is that we help our clients use it (ACC Connect).”

The last part of Cook’s quote refers to his team of Integration Solution Engineers (ISEs). We’ll explain this team’s role and the value they provide next.

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What ISEs work on and how prospective team members get interviewed 

Cook explains that ISEs need to have a unique blend of skills that, in effect, make them a “unicorn”. Their day-to-day responsibilities explain why, as they:

  • Help sales rep understand and communicate ACC Connect 
  • Onboard and advise new clients
  • Build automations on the clients’ behalf
  • Partner with marketing on creating content for ACC Connect
  • Train ISV partners on using the tool, and enable channel partners to sell it 
  • Continually work to expand the tool’s connectors

To help Cook find and recruit these “unicorns”, his team has adopted a diligent screening process.

Cook’s colleague gives candidates a trial account of ACC Connect and a homework assignment around building automations—or Workato “recipes”—in the embedded platform (this is supplemented with additional technical questions); all the while, Cook tries to gauge the candidates’ soft skills by asking them experiential questions, such as those that start with “tell me about a time when…”

Though this multi-step screening process might seem burdensome, it’s been well worth the effort for Cook and his team. He shared that so far, “the folks we’ve hired in these roles have been amazing.”

But even ISEs have their limits. To ensure that the team at large—from sales to marketing to partners—does a good job of supporting clients and converting prospects, Cook has taken a few additional measures.

The initiatives that allow Autodesk to scale ACC Connect

Cook and his team have provided a help site where internal stakeholders can find recipe templates, demo videos, quick-start guides, and success stories from using ACC Connect. That way, everyone can find the answers to their questions independently and quickly as they engage with prospects and clients.

In addition, Cook has created an “ask-me-anything” Slack channel specific to ACC Connect, and he hosts trainings with reps, marketers, and ISEs so that each group stays sharp and continues to improve.

Wondering what else Cook shared during his session? You can watch the recording to find out!

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