3 Marketo App Integrations that Can Help You Nurture Leads More Effectively

3 Marketo app integrations that can help you nurture leads.

Marketo allows you to capture, engage, and keep tabs on leads in a number of ways. 

Is a lead returning to your site? Use Marketo to display landing pages that cater to their interests. Is a lead taking certain activities that demonstrate interest? Marketo can increase their lead score so that your team knows they’re closer to being sales-ready. And is a lead a good fit for your product based on their background and behavior? Marketo can put them into a campaign that successfully grows their interest—until they qualify for sales outreach.

To help execute these lead nurturing activities in Marketo successfully, you’ll need to pull data from other systems. Which should you choose from? We’ll walk you through 3 Marketo app integrations that are worth considering!

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1. Connect Eventbrite with Marketo to Instantly Create or Update Leads

Marketing events can be an extremely effective top-of-funnel tactic. They give you a chance to reach a new audience through co-marketing; and they allow you to offer points of view that can elevate your brand and its status as a thought leader.

To ensure your marketing events run smoothly from an operational perspective, you’ll need to connect the platform used to gather event registrants—Eventbrite—with the one used to engage them afterwards—Marketo. From there, you can build a workflow where any time someone signs up for your event in Eventbrite, the new lead is automatically created in Marketo (or updated, if that lead already exists). Your team can then nurture that lead quickly and thoughtfully soon after the event.

Learn more about how you can connect and use Eventbrite with Marketo!

2. Sync Intercom with Marketo to Automatically Add Valuable Info to Any Lead

Through Intercom’s live chat, a lead can provide a wealth of information: What they’re interested in, why they’re interested, whether they got what they were looking for, and so on.

To make sure these insights get captured and shared appropriately, you can hook Intercom up with Marketo and design a workflow where any Intercom conversation gets added to the appropriate Marketo lead (if that lead doesn’t exist, Marketo can create it automatically). Your marketers can then act accordingly, whether that’s putting the lead into a new campaign or sending it to sales.

3. Integrate Salesforce with Marketo to Seamlessly Pass Leads Over to Sales

Once a lead is ready to evaluate vendors in your space, your team needs to engage with them as soon as possible. 

As it turns out, this concept may be hard to put into practice. When we ran our lead response study, which involved signing up for demos with 114 B2B companies, only 1 company responded within 5 minutes!

To help prevent your organization from joining the 99% of those that don’t respond promptly, you can integrate Salesforce with Marketo and create a workflow that instantly updates an account’s lead score in Salesforce based on changes in Marketo. That way, your sales reps can get notified once a lead is sales-ready and can respond to them quickly.

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Take Lead Management to the Next Level with Lead Bot

To help your marketers and sales reps work even faster and more intelligently in managing leads, you can use the enterprise platform bot, Lead Bot. With Lead Bot, your teams can get all of their work done via their chat platform (e.g. Slack) as well as find more contextual information on any lead using a platform like Clearbit

Here’s more on how the bot can help once a lead signs up for a demo.

To learn more about Lead Bot and how it can benefit your team, you can schedule a demo with one of our automation experts!

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