Workato and Dropbox Partner to Enable Intelligent Automations

We’re excited to be partnering with Dropbox to empower teams to work better and more efficiently with automation.

“Our goal at Dropbox is to make work easier, and remove friction from critical processes like hiring,” said Billy Blau, Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Dropbox. “Workato’s Enterprise Automation platform will give our joint customers a powerful option for automating processes across many departments and we’re excited to offer this capability.”

Automating HR Workflows using Dropbox

One area where content management has historically been challenging is HR hiring and onboarding. From interview details to job offers and benefits information, hiring a new employee involves a lot of documentation that has to be sent, received, and properly stored.

As part of our partnership with Dropbox, we’ve introduced several powerful automations for HR content management that will allow users to drive a world-class employee experience from Day 1.

An example of how Dropbox can fit into an automated HR workflow

With Workato, Dropbox users can automatically send, receive, and store job offers by connecting their recruiting tool (such as with a contract app like DocuSign and an HR hub like Workday. They can also automatically share key documents with candidates by automatically uploading them to the right Dropbox folder when the candidate reaches the interview stage. Finally, we’ve built a foolproof way to pull critical content from Dropbox into a collaboration app like Slack—so your HR team will never miss a beat.

Developer Integrations with Dropbox

Hiring and onboarding are just the tip of the iceberg, however. By partnering with Dropbox, we’re enabling users to streamline content-related workflows across their organizations.

A great example is developer workflows. With Workato and Dropbox, the dev team can streamline case and bug management, intelligently approve changes to documentation via Slack, and automatically grant access to folders with essential information. Apart from real-time automations, Workato can also perform batch operations—like bulk uploading files from Dropbox to Amazon S3 at specified intervals.

An example of how developers can approve new documentation with Slack and Dropbox

Workato offers an out-of-the-box Dropbox connector to handle all your integrations and workflow automations involving Dropbox. You can clone and tweak over 225K publicly available recipes to build your own custom workflow. From streamlining IT case management to automatically downloading CS contracts, Workato + Dropbox are a powerful combination for managing your content!

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