Workato and AWS Collaborate to Supercharge Joint Customers

Workato AWS Collaboration

Workato and AWS have always been relentlessly focused on supercharging joint customer success and global impact, and now we’re excited to announce a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) which deepens that partnership. Together, we’ll provide efficient, easy-to-use, and secure AI-powered Automation solutions for existing and future AWS and Workato customers on a global scale.

You can expect solutions that will be as powerful for our customers as they will be secure and easy to use. Many of our existing joint customers have already emphasized the importance of the Workato – AWS collaboration in facilitating their automation transformation. This SCA underscores our shared commitment to democratizing automation and integration solutions, particularly in the realm of security and governance, where customers will be able to leverage the benefits of AI-powered solutions with confidence and at scale. 

As part of the SCA, we’ve also been recognized as the inaugural recipient of the AWS Low-Code/No-Code Migration Competency certification, which is part of the Migration and Modernization Competency Program. This certification underscores Workato’s expertise in cloud migration capabilities, enabling seamless and secure data migration for customers. We’ve also joined the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program, focusing on SAP on-prem to SAP cloud migrations on AWS.

At Workato, we’re committed to providing flexible and scalable solutions that unlock greater business value for customers across industries. That’s why we’ve doubled down with our presence in the AWS marketplace with these new certifications and our SCA. Our goal is to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions to drive their AI automation initiatives forward, no matter what stage they find themselves.

To learn more about this powerful collaboration, check out our Workato AWS partner page. Together, we’re changing the way organizations work to unleash the power of their people, processes, and technologies, and we’re just getting started.