Customer Success: How App Integration Accelerates Inbound Marketing

We often hear small and large success stories from our customers and users.  They range from being able to sync accounting with payroll software all the way to automating hundreds of hours of work across an organization.  Our “Customer Success” series will showcase these stories to illustrate the value Workato integration can bring to various functions at any kind of organization.

This story is from Alternetics, a single-source provider of technology resources.  We’re pleased to have the chance to interview Kip Smith, Chief Executive Officer.

Workato: What business challenge did you face that needed integration support?

Kip: We use HubSpot and Salesforce and with these apps, you only have two sync options: a full sync or just by Salesforce campaigns.  There isn’t a way to select which contacts to sync.  Since you’re charged by number of contacts, duplicate records could be created and waste money.  There’s no way to sync the two in a straightforward way.

Workato: Without integration, how would you have worked with both apps?

Kip: We probably would have abandoned one or the other.  The process to make them work was labor-intensive and it wasn’t possible to do a selective-contact sync without Workato.

Workato: What’s been your experience using Workato?

Kip: Time we spend on integrations is less time with our clients.  We sync only the contacts we want between the two using Workato and we saw results in a matter of hours.  The alternative option is custom coding but you’d need to have a developed fluent in both systems’ API which can be hard to find and expense to keep.  Workato’s feature functionality sets it apart from other integration platforms and helps us get the apps to work for us.

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