Integration and automation

What is office automation? Here’s what you need to know

We'll cover impactful examples, benefits and drawbacks worth considering, different types of platforms you can use, and more.

iPaaS vs PaaS: here’s how the two differ

Learn about each cloud service and discover how they differ so that you can avoid using the acronyms interchangeably.

What is business process management? Benefits and drawbacks

We'll also cover common examples, break down the BPM lifecycle's stages, and introduce a platform that can implement any use case.

5 best practices for building API integrations

These best practices can help your team build impactful API integrations that scale with your business.

RPA vs API integration: how to decide between the two

We'll review each approach through examples, highlight their respective pros and cons, and compare them directly.

5 powerful application integration examples

These app integrations can help you keep client info up-to-date across systems, provision apps for new hires on time, and more.

What is B2B integration? Here’s what you need to know

Discover common B2B integration scenarios, and learn about the benefits of implementing them.

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