5 Slack Integrations that Can Help Your Team Collaborate More Effectively

The 5 best Slack integrations

As organizations by and large embrace Slack as the place their teams work, there are a variety of integrations that can make the business communications platform all the more collaborative and valuable for employees.

To that end, we’ve highlighted 5 Slack app integrations that can help your organization make the most of the platform!

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1. Connect Google Drive with Slack to Help Employees Share and Access Documents

Every employee needs to share documents with colleagues, whether it’s to collect feedback or get approvals. 

If you’re in HR, it can be a job description you’ve written up; if you’re in sales, it can be an email you’ve put together for a target account; if you’re in marketing, it can be a blog post you’ve put together, and so on.

To enable seamless sharing and collaboration between peers, you can integrate Slack with Google Drive. From there, you can build a workflow where any time a file is created in your Google Drive, it automatically gets shared with the appropriate colleagues in Slack. 

2. Sync Asana with Slack to Keep Employees Up to Speed on Projects

Your projects can only be completed on time and successfully when everybody is aligned on what they need to do and when they need to do it by.

To keep employees on the same page, as well as empower individuals to manage their projects, you can connect the project management platform, Asana, with Slack.

Once you integrate the SaaS apps, you can design a workflow where any time a new task is added or updated in Asana, the appropriate colleagues get notified via Slack; and you can design another where, with the click of a button in Slack, employees can create tasks, subtasks, or tags for a given project in Asana. 

3. Pair SurveyMonkey with Slack to Help Employees Agree on Questions and Track Responses

The survey data you collect is only valuable when you’ve asked the right set of questions and can address the responses quickly.

You can do both by integrating Slack with SurveyMonkey

Through the integration, you can search for your surveys directly in Slack, and with the click of a button, share them with any colleagues you’d like to review your questions. 

You can also build a workflow where any time responses come in from your SurveyMonkey survey, the appropriate employees get alerted on Slack instantly. This all but ensures that your team can see what respondents are saying in real time and take action quickly. 

4. Hook Salesforce up with Slack to Support Sales Managers

Sales managers face a myriad of responsibilities, whether it’s evaluating and reporting on their team’s performance at a high level, monitoring their team’s day-to-day activities, or approving their team’s requests.

You can help them tackle each of these tasks with ease by connecting Salesforce with Slack. For instance, you can construct a workflow that alerts managers in Slack any time one of their reps updates a record in a key account; and you can build another that allows managers to instantly get notified via Slack when an account is marked as “Closed Won” in Salesforce.

5. Integrate GitHub with Slack to Empower Better Collaboration Between Engineers

As your engineers face countless issues in GitHub, they’ll need a way to easily track what’s coming in and what they need to work on next.

You can arm each engineer with the real-time insights they need to manage their workload by connecting GitHub with Slack. Through the integration, you can create workflows that alert specific engineers (or a channel) when a new issue comes in, gets updated, or closes. 

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