5 Marketing Apps that Your Team Can’t Miss Out On

The top 5 marketing apps

More than 4 in every 5 adults in the U.S. have a smartphone.

It’s become our platform of choice when it comes to checking the news, browsing our social media feeds, streaming videos—and for many, working.

Marketers are no exception to the latter, especially as the number of platforms they’ve come to rely on offer constantly-improving applications.

So which marketing apps stand ahead of the pack? The exercise is near impossible to perform, but here are 5 companies whose apps offer a ton of value! 

1. Buffer

A screenshot of the Buffer app

The software platform offers a marketing app that makes it easy to manage each of your social media accounts. You can use the Buffer app to:

  • Create and schedule posts in any social channel, from Instagram to Facebook
  • Add a first comment to any post you put out in Instagram
  • Develop eye-catching Instagram stories
  • Analyze the perform of each and every post

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2. Slack

A screenshot of the Slack app

The widely-used business communications platform offers an app that offers the same ease-of-use and collaboration capabilities as its desktop version. This means you can use the Slack app to:

  • Message individuals, teams, or other groups through customized channels
  • Set your status so that colleagues know when they can reach you 
  • Make or accept phone calls from anyone in the organization
  • Review and edit any document

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3. Google Analytics

A screenshot of the Google Analytics app

Given its versatility, Google Analytics is a staple for just about every marketer. Its app is no less valuable, as it lets you: 

  • Monitor each web property
  • Track all kinds of information for a given property, from page views to visitor demographics
  • Analyze data across time frames and between specific segments
  • Build and view reports that highlight the data you need

4. Asana

A screenshot of the Asana app

The project management platform is key to helping you stay on top of your tasks and to keeping you aligned with your colleagues. Utilize the Asana app to:

  • Manage your to-do list
  • Get updates on specific projects you’re involved in
  • Assign tasks 
  • Upload files to any task
  • Organize your work using a calendar

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5. SEMRush

A screenshot of the SEMRush app

Note: All screenshots taken from the App Store

The online visibility management platform enables you to analyze your search performance from just about any lens. Leverage the SEMRush app to:

  • Keep tabs on the keywords you care about
  • Build customized keyword lists
  • Review campaign performance at a high level

Integrations and Automations Can Help You Get More From These Apps

The value that each of these marketing apps delivers only amplifies once you integrate it with your other tools and incorporate it as part of an end-to-end marketing automation

For example, if you connect Google Calendar with Asana, you can create a workflow where: Once a Google Calendar event is created for a specific webinar, a task related to the webinar instantly populates in Asana (here’s exactly how the automation works).

Learn more about building powerful marketing automations by seeing a demo from one of our experts!

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