2 Lead Management Apps that Can Help You Respond to Leads Faster

Best lead management apps

Organizations by and large fail to respond to leads quickly. 

Based on what we found in our lead response study, only 1% of organizations provide a personalized response within 5 minutes. Equally troubling, it takes a company nearly 12 hours, on average, to respond to a lead using a personalized email and more than 14 hours to respond by phone.

This means you can give your organization a competitive edge by following up with leads quickly and thoughtfully. How? Here are 2 lead management apps that can help!

Note: We used ZoomInfo to identify the apps companies use.

Wondering what else we learned after testing 114 B2B organizations’ lead response times? You can uncover all of our key findings by downloading the full report!


The most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform is widely used for a reason: It’s extremely valuable.

When it comes to lead management, you can use Salesforce to keep track of all your information, from the lead’s contacts to its activity history. You can also use the platform to automatically score leads and route them to the appropriate sales reps—allowing the reps to better prioritize their efforts and reach out sooner.

Our research confirmed the value Salesforce provides in managing leads. Organizations that use it, respond to leads more than an hour faster, on average, than those that use other CRM platforms.

A horizontal bar chart that shows how much faster organizations can respond to leads with Salesforce versus other CRM platforms.

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The inbound marketing, sales, and service software does a great job at supporting a fast time-to-response. For example, the platform allows you to automate your lead rotation so that when a hot lead comes in, a rep with bandwidth can instantly get assigned to it.

Our research confirmed the platform’s effectiveness: Organizations that use HubSpot respond to leads faster than those that use Eloqua, Pardot, or Marketo.

A horizontal bar chart that shows how much faster organizations can respond to leads with HubSpot versus other marketing automation platforms.

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Take Lead Management to the Next Level with Lead Bot 

Even when using best-of-breed SaaS apps to manage your leads, there’s room for improving your response time.

You can take your time-to-response from hours to minutes by using Lead Bot (a Workato bot).

The bot can communicate between your chat platform (e.g. Slack) and the apps you use to manage leads. More specifically, once a lead comes in, Lead Bot prioritizes, researches, enriches, and shares it with a sales rep in your chat platform—all in real time. Its message includes key details on the lead from platforms like Salesforce and Clearbit, and it can even qualify the lead as “Hot” based on criteria you set up. All of this not only helps the rep respond faster, but it also allows them to personalize their outreach.

Here’s a closer look at how it works:

Learn more about how you can pair these top-of-line lead management apps with Lead Bot by scheduling a demo with one of our automation experts!

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