We’re in Zoom’s App Marketplace! Here’s Why Our Partnership Stands Out

Workato is in Zoom's App Marketplace

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been accepted to Zoom’s App Marketplace!

The marketplace features all types of platforms that can help organizations get more out of their Zoom accounts—from a CRM like Salesforce to a business communications platform like Slack. 

As you explore the App Marketplace, you’ll likely come across a few iPaaS or integration platforms. What separates Workato from the crowd? Our ability to help business users across departments build end-to-end automations with Zoom. 

Here are just 3 examples that highlight the power of using Workato to build Zoom automations.

Streamline the Process of Accepting or Rejecting Event Attendees

It’s no secret that hosting virtual events can be an extremely expensive, time-intensive endeavor.

It involves identifying and recruiting speakers, coming up with talking points for individual sessions, creating and distributing promotional content, and a whole lot more.

All this time and hard work can go to waste if the attendees you end up attracting aren’t a fit for your product or service. 

You can prevent this from happening by building a workflow automation that works with Zoom and the other platforms you use to manage registrations, calendar invites, lead enrichment, and internal collaboration.

Here’s how we perform the automation ourselves: 

Instantly Store and Share Recordings from Calls with Customers or Prospects

For customer-facing employees, call recordings with customers or prospects are just about as valuable as it gets. 

It allows them to improve at their job, and just as important, it can help them better understand what individual customers or prospects need in order to move to the next step of the engagement (whether that’s buying your product/service or using your product/service more effectively).

You can help an employee access their recording right after the call by creating a workflow that automatically stores it in the appropriate platforms, like Box and Salesforce, and that even sends it to them directly via chat. 

Here’s more on how you can build the Zoom automation:

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Orchestrate Every Stage of Candidate Interviews Seamlessly

Throughout the interview process, each interviewer needs to invest time in coordinating with peers and in evaluating candidates.

Using Workato, you can not only help your interviewers manage both easily, but also provide experiences that leave a positive impression on candidates.

Here’s how this HR automation can look if your interviews run on Zoom: 

You can learn more about these automations by watching our on-demand webinar, “5 Zoom Automation Hacks for Your Business.”

These 3 examples only scratch the surface when it comes to using Workato to build Zoom automations. Learn about those that can benefit your organization the most by speaking with one of our experts!

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