Workato is Snowflake Ready! Here’s How to Get the Most From Our Connector

Snowflake ready badge

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed and passed the Snowflake Ready Technology program!

This means that after a rigorous evaluation process, Snowflake found that our connector has the capabilities and features that align with their best practices. 

So how can you use our Snowflake Connector effectively? To help you brainstorm, we’ve gone ahead and highlighted 3 popular use cases.

1. Build a Powerful and Scalable Data Pipeline

As your data gets loaded from different sources (like Salesforce or SAP) into Snowflake, is it vulnerable to errors? Can your data pipeline adapt to schema changes in real-time? Can you get complete transparency on the data’s status and quality? 

You can use Workato to build data pipelines that address these questions and more! To get more technical details on how to do this, watch our recorded product hour session, “Building Robust and Scalable Data Pipelines for Snowflake.”

2. Share Valuable Product Usage Insights 

Departments across your organization can leverage product usage data to fuel their success. 

It allows sales to uncover new upsell and cross-sell opportunities; it empowers your product team to build a better roadmap; it supports customer success in their efforts to prevent churn, and so on.

The better the data you can provide your teams, and the faster you can provide it, the more valuable it becomes. 

You can deliver high quality data by using Workato to integrate Snowflake with applications that collect customer data—like Salesforce, Marketo, GotoWebinar, Mixpanel, etc.

You can then build a workflow automation that loads and stages the customer data into Snowflake—where it’s cleansed, enriched, and transformed. Workato can then extract the data from Snowflake and push it back to those applications, allowing your colleagues to uncover the actionable insights they need to be successful.

How to share product usage insights with Snowflake.

Learn more about this workflow automation and discover how it utilizes Workbot (our enterprise platform bot) by watching this webinar.

3. Empower Teams to Retrieve Data on Their Own

To grow your organization successfully, you need your engineers focused on their most business-critical tasks. 

You can prevent colleagues from distracting them by giving the wider team an easy way to access and use the data they need.

FundBox, a market-leading B2B payments and credit network, did exactly that. 

Every time their SalesOps team needed data, they would rely on their engineers to push it from MySQL to Salesforce. To address this inefficient process, they connected Snowflake to Salesforce and created a workflow automation that allows SalesOps to retrieve the data they need, when they need it.

We’ll let their Head of Sales Operations, Basile Senesi, explain the impact this has had on his team:

“That (our product rebrand) would not have been possible had our engineers been tied up in items that weren’t most important, like tasks required to power operations.”

You can learn more about Fundbox’s Snowflake and Salesforce integration here.

There’s so much more you can do with our Snowflake Connector. 

You can get additional insights by looking over these resources, or by scheduling a demo with one of our automation experts.

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