What are the Top 4 Marketo Integrations?

Well, that depends on who you ask! We took a look at the top searches on Google for Marketo integrations and our own database of thousands of integration recipes to see what integrations with Marketo were most common among Workato customers. Here are the results:

According to Google

1. Salesforce

2. Google Analytics

3. GoToWebinar

4. Netsuite

Almost all of these apps have pretty comprehensive Out of the Box integrations from Marketo. In fact, the pre-built Salesforce to Marketo connection is often used by Workato customers and then Workato automates everything around it, like the folks at H2O.ai.

There are a few instances that the O.O.B integration between Marketo and Salesforce won’t work, which are outlined here, or it may just be easier to keep all your integrations in one place, as was the case for Box while they used Workato to automate their Partner Program. Workato does support integration between Marketo and GoToWebinar and Netsuite. Netsuite is the only one on this list that no solution from Marketo exists.

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According to Workato

1. Shopify

2. Eventbrite

3. Slack

4. Google Sheets

What the list via Workato provides a good overview of the gaps in the Marketo integrations market. Customers have been hungry for a powerful connection between Marketo and Shopify that can move all custom objects. Just ask WavHello, and the American Kennel Club. A good connection between Marketo and Eventbrite is important, especially for enterprise, and Marketo to Google Sheets can be used to automatically extract important data to send to other teams who don’t need access to the entire app, like Simpler Media does.

wavhello chart
WavHello’s workflow. Read More >

Are there other integrations with Marketo you need that you don’t see on this list?
Let us know in the comments or head over to Workato.com to explore all of our Marketo recipes!