3 Teams Integrations that Can Delight Your Employees and Boost Their Performance

3 of best Teams app integrations

Your employees are likely spending most of their time on your business communications platform, Microsoft Teams.

After all, it’s where they can message individual colleagues, manage their calendars, collaborate with several team members, get on calls, and so on.

You can empower your colleagues to get even more done on the business communications platform by integrating it with the other apps they use to perform their everyday work. This allows them to access and work in any app within Teams, which saves them time and allows them to work more efficiently.

So which apps should you focus on integrating with Microsoft Teams? The answer depends on the platforms your team is already using as well as how they’re being used. But if you’re like many organizations, you’ll likely want to integrate Teams with the following apps:

Connect Teams with Salesforce to Help Your Colleagues Manage Prospect and Customer Information

Your sales reps and customer success managers likely manage a high volume of accounts in Salesforce.

Keeping tabs on each account manually can be inconvenient, overwhelming, and unfeasible; while logging into Salesforce every time you need to update an account can be just as impractical.

By connecting Salesforce with Teams, you can strip out most of this manual work. For example, once integrated, your reps can get notified via Teams whenever new leads come in or when updates get made to any. And your reps or customer success managers can update accounts from Teams, whether it’s creating records, approving them, or uploading files.

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Sync Teams with Namely to Give Colleagues an Easy Way to Update Their Profiles and Connect with Others

As your organization’s HRIS, Namely provides your team with a variety of use cases. It’s where employees can track their performance, request time off, review signed documents, learn about and get updates from colleagues, etc. 

To help your employees perform tasks in and get updates from the HRIS, you can sync the platform with Teams. From there, you can design workflows that allow any employee to post comments, update their profile, add a status, and more—all from Teams. All the while, employees can receive alerts in the business communications platform when key events take place in Namely. For example, this can be when a new employee gets added or when a colleague has their work anniversary.

Integrate Teams with Coupa to Facilitate a Seamless Requisition Process

Your employees likely need to invest in all types of equipment to perform at their best—a notion that’s truer than ever as over 2 in 5 employees now work remotely full-time.

You can help each team member request the items they need in a way that’s convenient and receive them quickly by integrating Coupa with Teams. Once connected, employees can perform the following types of activities in Teams: submit purchase requests, approve/reject requests, and close a purchase order once it’s been fulfilled. 

Automate Entire WorkFlows by Using Workbot for Teams

As valuable as these Teams integrations are, they only allow you to automate specific tasks. You can get more out of the business communications platform and transform your workflows by turning to Workbot for Teams

The enterprise chatbot allows you to streamline workflows end-to-end across your apps, whether it’s to perform incident management, lead routing, or another process. To learn more about the Workbot, you can schedule a demo with one of our automation experts.

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