3 Snowflake integrations that help your organization maximize revenue opportunities

To scale your organization effectively, you need to build and maintain a variety of revenue streams.

In other words, your sales reps should close new business consistently; your customer success managers should retain a high fraction of clients; your account managers should upsell and cross-sell existing clients frequently—and so on.

You can fuel each revenue stream by integrating your data warehouse platform, Snowflake, with the following apps your marketers and customer-facing colleagues rely on. 

Let’s take a closer look at why your team should integrate Snowflake with each of these apps.

1. Integrate Snowflake with ServiceNow to support clients effectively

Not all customers will tell you when they’re experiencing a particular issue or when they aren’t seeing enough value in your product. But when this is the case, and your organization fails to take notice, your likelihood of retaining the client over the long run diminishes. 

To give support reps more insight into when a client needs support, you can integrate Snowflake with ServiceNow and build the following workflow: Any time a customer’s level of product usage falls below a certain threshold, a ticket gets created in ServiceNow that alerts customer support of the issue. From there, a rep can reach out to the client quickly and do so in a way that’s thoughtful.

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2. Sync Snowflake with Salesforce to identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Similar to customers at risk of churning, many who are interested in a more advanced version of your product, or would consider a complementary solution you offer, will fail to let you know—at least promptly.

You can help your account managers or customer success managers identify candidates for upselling and cross-selling by syncing Snowflake with Salesforce and then setting up the following: Whenever a client’s level of product usage meets or exceeds a certain level, a new task gets created in Salesforce that asks the appropriate customer-facing employee to follow up.  

3. Connect Snowflake with Marketo to nurture clients intelligently

Picking out the right time to subtly engage a client, and identifying the appropriate messaging to share with them can be a subjective, overwhelming task when done manually.

To streamline this process and to increase your likelihood of upselling/cross-selling them further down the line, you can connect Snowflake with Marketo and set up the following workflow: Once a client’s level of product usage meets a certain benchmark (which signals that they’re a relatively healthy account), they’re put into a lead list in Marketo. From there, your marketing team can put the client into a nurture sequence that promotes various product use cases and introduces new products/services.

Transform your revenue operations by building intelligent workflow automations

As valuable as these Snowflake integrations are, you can engage leads with even greater success by building intelligent, end-to-end workflow automations.  

Here’s how it can work in the case of routing leads:

Once a new lead comes in, Workbot (our enterprise chatbot) routes it to the appropriate customer-facing employee by messaging the individual in your organization’s business communications platform (e.g. Slack). The message includes info that already exists in your systems, like your CRM, as well as any insights gleaned from a data enrichment tool like Clearbit.

The employee can then accept, reject, or reassign the lead with the click of a button.

You can learn more about Workbot and the automations you can build with Workato, a leading enterprise automation platform, by scheduling a demo with one of our experts!