How Workato’s Sendoso connector helps your team use the sending platform to drive more revenue

How Workato’s Sendoso connector helps your team use the sending platform to drive more revenue

Here at Workato, we believe that in order for your technology to work in harmony, it needs to adapt to the way you work—not the other way around.

This has led us to build thousands of ready-to-use connectors, which enable you to purchase and use the technology that best fits your needs, versus picking apps based on how they integrate with your current setup. 

We’ve found that revenue teams are taking advantage, as they’re experimenting with new categories of technology to break into target accounts. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new addition to our connector library: Sendoso

Using the leading sending platform’s connector, revenue teams can now integrate Sendoso with existing applications to easily send personalized gifts, branded swag, eGifts, virtual experiences, etc. in ways that bring them closer to clients and prospects.

We’ll give you a better idea of how your team can use the connector by walking you through an example, but let’s start by highlighting how it works.

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A closer look at our Sendoso connector

Sendoso customers most commonly use the platform to:

  • Drive event attendance and break into target accounts
  • Book meetings with high value prospects
  • Deepen relationships or resurrect floundering deals
  • Celebrate significant customer moments

With Workato’s connector, you can take these actions, among others, to the next level. 

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Sendoso sends for any of the above use cases can now be triggered from data in any system. Trigger a send when intent data from G2 or 6sense hits a threshold, when a prospect clicks on a link in your Outreach sequence, when a DocuSign is completed, when an escalated Zendesk ticket is resolved, and more. 

2. Sending activities are infinitely more impactful when followed up on promptly. With Workato chatbots—available in Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook Workplace—, sellers can be empowered to do just that, as they can get notified instantly when physical and eGifts are sent, delivered, or redeemed.

3. Analytics in Sendoso can be synced to any CRM or data warehouse for attribution reporting—allowing your team to more easily measure and understand the ROI your gifts deliver.

Highlighting Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Now that you have a sense of the connector’s capabilities, let’s walk through a specific use case: connecting Sendoso with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The integration allows revenue teams to send gifts through Sendoso and measure the impact these sends have on pipeline and revenue within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here’s more on how your team can use the integration to their benefit—and to the benefit of clients and prospects. 

  • Close more deals, quickly: Add triggered sends based on the stage a buyer reaches in the sales cycle or when a deal size exceeds a certain value. 
A workflow automation that's triggered when an opportunity is greater than $10k in value
  • Engage like a pro: Once a send for a prospect is marked as delivered in Dynamics, you can set up an email or Microsoft Teams alert so that your team can follow up quickly. 
  • Encourage event attendance: Send branded swag to registrants in Dynamics prior to the event and watch your attendance numbers skyrocket.  
  • Report powerful metrics: Dig deep into the success of each and every campaign, and gather insights into influenced pipeline, closed-won opportunities, and more. All data between Microsoft Dynamics and Sendoso is automatically synced, so you’ll always have a clear, accurate overview into your sending analytics.

You can uncover all the ways that the Sendoso connector can help accelerate your sales cycle and improve your relationships with customers by scheduling a demo with one of our automation experts.