4 Salesforce integrations that can help you route leads seamlessly

Salesforce app integrations for lead routing

When we studied the lead response times of 114 B2B organizations, we found that 99% of them took longer than 5 minutes to respond to an inbound lead. 

That might not seem like a big deal—but it is. According to the Harvard Business Review, slowing your response time from just 5 to 10 minutes can decrease your chances of contacting a lead successfully by as much as 400%.

So how can you ensure that your team reaches out to inbound leads within a few minutes? By creating lead routing workflows that make leads readily available to your sales reps. We’ll walk you through how integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce, with the following apps can help.

  • Marketo
  • Gmail
  • Slack
  • Asana

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1. Integrate Marketo with Salesforce to Instantly Add Qualified Leads or Update Any to Qualified in the CRM 

As your team runs campaigns that nurture target prospects in a marketing automation platform like Marketo, you’ll want to make sure your sales reps get notified quickly once a prospect converts to sales qualified.

To do just that, you can hook Marketo up with Salesforce and set up a workflow that automatically updates a lead’s status as sales qualified in Salesforce once the change happens in Marketo.

2. Connect Gmail with Salesforce to Instantly Send an Email Every Time a Lead Comes in

You can help your sales reps identify a new lead and respond to each quickly by emailing the reps any time a lead comes in.

This involves connecting Gmail with Salesforce and then building a workflow where once a record of the lead gets created in the CRM, it triggers an email (delivered in Gmail) that goes out to the sales team’s email alias.

It’s worth noting that you can make these emails all the more valuable for your team by customizing their format with key fields from the lead’s Salesforce page. 

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3. Hook Slack up with Salesforce to Automatically Message the Appropriate Slack Channel About a New Lead

Sharing leads via Slack, like Gmail, allows your sales reps to uncover new leads more quickly and easily, as they’re already using the chat platform throughout their workdays. 

You can set this up by integrating Salesforce and Slack and then create a process where once a lead comes in, Slack messages a sales channel about the lead, along with its key details.

4. Sync Asana with Salesforce to Create a New Task in Asana that Asks a Rep to Follow Up with the Lead

To motivate a quick response by your team, you can use your project management platform, Asana, to your benefit.  

Just sync Asana and Salesforce and then design a workflow where once you’ve collected a new lead, a task for a sales rep gets created in Asana (asking the rep to follow up). Your rep can only close the task once they’ve reached out, which all but ensures that they take action.

Route Leads to Individual Reps and Arm Reps with Even More Insight by Using Lead Bot

You can respond to leads even faster and more intelligently by using the enterprise platform bot, Lead Bot.

With Lead Bot, the appropriate rep can get alerted any time a new lead comes in via chat. And they can learn key details about the lead from information that already exists in your team’s platforms and from whatever additional insight a lead enrichment tool, like Clearbit, can provide. Finally, the rep can take action directly in the chat platform, whether it’s re-assigning the lead or disqualifying it.

Here’s more on how Lead Bot can work once a lead fills out a demo request form.

Ready to fast-track your reps’ time to response? Schedule a demo with one of our experts today to learn how Lead Bot can help!

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