3 automation trends to look out for in 2022 (based on our research)

Based on what we found in our W*rk Automation Index, here's what we're expecting to see more of throughout this year.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

Why joining a start-up was the right path for me: Allan Teng

Our Managing Director for APJ shares his journey at Workato over the past 7 years—from interning to leading an entire region.

Written by   Miranda Yeo

The People Who Power Workato: Robert Ekstrom

Robert Ekstrom, our VP & GM for EMEA, shares why he's excited about working here and his experiences since joining.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

3 ways to automate order processing and the benefits in doing so

We'll share automations that sync customers across apps, update inventory counts, and provide sales orders to specific employees.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

What is product intelligence? And how can it empower customer-facing teams?

We'll cover how your success teams, reps, and marketers can use product intelligence to delight clients and improve their KPIs.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

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