Connect Marketo with All of Your Apps

It’s no secret that Salesforce and Marketo are better together, that’s why Marketo developed a great out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce. However, our customers tell us that there are three scenarios that require more customization and power. For these use cases, Workato is here to help you connect Marketo and Salesforce in exactly the way your business requires without any coding or an IT team.

Workato is the enhancement your Marketo and Salesforce integration needs to truly be all encompassing. We can take care of specific lead sync scenarios, multiple instances in Salesforce, lead cleansing/human tasks, and of course, connect your Salesforce or Marketo account to hundreds of other apps. Are you getting the most out of your apps?

I. Specific Lead Sync Scenarios

If you need to customize your integration, it can be difficult with the out-of-the-box (OOB) solution. For example, let’s take a basic bi-directional sync for Leads in Marketo to Salesforce:

Direction 1: When there is a New/Updated Lead in Salesforce, update or create the lead in Marketo, make sure there are no duplicates by cross-checking the lead’s email.
Direction 2: When there is a New/Updated Lead in Marketo, update or create a lead in Salesforce, make sure there are no duplicates by cross-checking the lead’s email

Both of the above integrations can be done with the OOB solution, but your ability to customize beyond a basic integration is limited. There is so much more you can do with that new lead in your workflow automation and with Workato, the sky is the limit. For example, when a new lead is added to Marketo you can automatically send an SMS via Twilio to the lead and post to Slack when specific criteria is met. The criteria could be that the new lead in Marketo meets a certain lead score value you’ve determined. This type of customization is only possible with a tool like Workato.

II. Multi-Instance Integration

Another situation that requires a tool like Workato is multi-instance integration, which is not supported in the OOB. With Workato, you can use a few different tools to implement a multi-instance integration.

  • If you have 1 additional Salesforce connection you can use the Salesforce Secondary, which allows you to have two Salesforce connections in a single workflow recipe.
  • If you have more than 2 SFDC connections then you can clone the recipe and change the connection endpoint to point to different Salesforce instances until all your instances are connected.

Multi-instance integrations allow you to leverage a single Marketo instance across multiple Salesforce instances and define the business logic on which data should flow where. You can even customize the workflow for each endpoint (using different recipes or IF conditions) if needed.

III. Lead Cleansing via Human Tasks

Workato’s special app called People Task allows you to add human tasks into your workflow. If you want a member of your team to check the leads coming from Marketo before they go into Salesforce to ensure it’s a good lead, you can use people task to schedule this interaction in before continuing the automation. This allows you to lead cleanse and triage saving you time and making sure you spend your time on the most qualified leads. You can see this use case in action from’s marketing workflow. read more

These 3 examples require an extra tool to enhance your Salesforce and Marketo apps. Workato also allows you to connect Salesforce and Marketo with hundreds of other apps for a complete 360 degree view of your business. Streamline your data between Salesforce, Marketo and your accounting app; send notifications from all apps to Slack or HipChat; automate your contracts using DocuSign; make customer support apps like Intercom or Zendesk in sync with Salesforce – the options are endless!

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