How To ‘Set It & Forget It’ to Handle the Holiday Rush

The holidays are a time for family and cheer, but the time leading up to the actual celebration is often chaotic from both a business and personal standpoint. It’s the season of “more” — more emails, more sales, more work, more presents to buy — the list goes on. Here are a few productivity hacks where you can set it and forget it, so you can be more productive and manage whatever your “more” may be!

More Sales

If you are running an eCommerce business or are in the service industry, the Holidays are a huge business generator. That means that on top of trying to get ready for your own personal celebration, you’ve got to deal with a higher volume of activity, keeping track of new customers, and the logistics of getting their goods to them.

Linking your Shopify (or other eCommerce app) to Salesforce (or your CRM) means making sales and logging new customers can happen seamlessly. At Workato we integrate apps with a set actions that are called recipes. Recipes can be customized to fit your work scenario using a series of triggers and actions.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 5.23.01 PM

In this Shopify to Salesforce recipe, you can automatically create a new opportunity in Salesforce whenever there is a new sale. When a new order is processed in Shopify, Workato will search Salesforce for the buyer’s contact and create a new contact if it does not already exist. For each item in Shopify, Workato will create new order line items by processing each line that came with the order and then creating a new opportunity for the order. It will also add the contact to the order. That means, instead of manually transferring every new set of orders into Salesforce or risking duplicate contacts with a 1-1 integration, you can simply open Salesforce and see what the customer purchased, if they are a repeat buyer, etc. With all the time you saved, you can focus on generating even more sales!

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This Shopify to Marketo recipe will update a lead in Marketo with the sale data from Shopify. It can be customized with more triggers and actions to perform complex logic that can gather numbers for your total sales and more like this recipe created by the American Kennel Club. While traditional marketing apps can show you how an email performed by clicks or opens, adding the information from your eCommerce app means that you can now see exactly how much money came in from a particular campaign. Plus, knowing exactly what each lead purchased also allows for you to implement highly targeted email strategies, and avoid advertising something that they’ve already bought or that isn’t relevant to them. When the Holiday season wraps up and it’s back to the grind, you’ll have priceless revenue insights right at your fingertips!

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More Email Subscribers

More sales means more valuable email subscribers. Making sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle is incredibly important for any business. Automate the task of adding a subscriber in both Salesforce and Mailchimp in one sweep.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.16.35 PM

In this Salesforce to MailChimp recipe, when there is a new lead created in Salesforce from the lead source “Web,” Workato will add a new subscriber to the list called “New leads list,” in Mailchimp. A welcome message will be sent to them, configured from Mailchimp. Depending on your use case, you can deploy this recipe and customize it to fit your needs. Choose what the lead source is — perhaps it’s from an “Advertisement” instead of  “Web” — and send the new leads to the list of your choice in MailChimp.

By automating the sorting of your customers from Salesforce to MailChimp, you eliminate the need for double manual data entry and set yourself up for highly targeted email follow ups with very little effort! A big boost in productivity is the greatest gift of all!

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More Events

If you’re not an eCommerce focused business, it’s most likely a big time for events. Making sure you throw the best party can be stressful and so making sure you have the best ROI from your event be difficult after the fact. Automating the transfer of event attendees from Eventbrite to Salesforce with a notification eliminates the possibility that you won’t follow up.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.29.15 PM

This Eventbrite to Salesforce recipe will automatically create a new contact in Salesforce when a new event attendee registers in Eventbrite. The kicker? If the lead does not already exist, Workato will send an email to you or your employee to notify them. Even if you are busy wrapping presents or pitching a new business growth plan, you can easily keep track of your new leads with these custom email notifications.

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More Leads

When you have a large number of leads coming in, making sure they are logged and properly sorted can be a time consuming business. These two recipes can help take the work out of lead transfer and allows you to be out and about doing what you need to do while staying informed.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.41.30 PM

This Hubspot to Salesforce recipe uses Twilio to alert you of a new lead, in addition to creating a new lead in Salesforce when a new contact is created in Hubspot. When a new contact is created in Hubspot, Workato will send an SMS message to you and create lead in Salesforce. You can deck the halls and still be on top of new leads!

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More Memories

Finally, the Holidays are a time for making memories with your family and friends! Don’t stress about getting those adorable photos of your daughter from your sister and the big family photo from Uncle Bob – this recipe will have those pictures stored in your Box account for whenever you’re ready to use them!

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.44.58 PM

In this Instagram to Box recipe, when a new photo is uploaded by a person you follow on Instagram, the URL of the Instagram post will be saved in a folder in Box. The file name will be the caption of the Instagram post. You can choose who you’d like to track from the list of people you follow on Instagram and the file name and the folder in which the file is uploaded can be edited. By the time January 1st hits, you can have all the photos from your celebration from every family member, all in one place!

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