How Your Organization can Operationalize Data Protection

Dyann Heward- Mills, CEO and founder of HewardMills on data protection

In this edition of the CIO Newsletter, Mark Settle (author and 7x CIO) and Dyann Heward-Mills (CEO and founder of HewardMills) talk about the importance of data management, data protection, and the need for accountability.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Employee data is a blind spot for both B2B and B2C organizations, as HR departments are often ill-equipped to manage the large volumes of employee data.
  • Poorly managed data can lead to far worse consequences than a regulatory fine.
  • You need to understand your clients’ issues around data privacy and security in order to support them. 
  • Holding the high-level members of your organization accountable for how the company manages data is crucial.
  • An experienced data protection officer can play a key role in helping leaders across departments make decisions that won’t compromise the security of your data.

“We need to be engaged with it (our data) to really understand some of the sensitivities around it so we can behave in a corporately responsible way.” 

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