How Gainsight uses Workato as its “Swiss Army Knife” in driving digital transformation

How Gainsight uses Workato

When Karl Mosgofian joined Gainsight as the company’s first CIO, he quickly picked up on an issue that needed attention.

Gainsight, a leading Customer Success Software Platform, was using several applications across departments that operated independently. This was the first thing that Mosgofian wanted to address, as connecting an org’s business applications is a huge part of the value that IT can provide. Mosgofian evaluated several platforms and ultimately chose Workato—an enterprise automation platform—to integrate all of their systems. 

But the value he saw in the platform didn’t stop there.

Soon after implementing the integrations, Mosgofian began to discover additional use cases—leading him to dub Workato as his “Swiss Army Knife.” 

“We brought it in to do data integration between applications, [namely] the quote to cash process … along the way, we had some other requirements come along. So now I’m doing something that’s not just data integration but what I would call pure automation inside Workato,” said Mosgofian. 

Read on to learn how Mosgofian and his team moved beyond building integrations with Workato, and now leverage the platform to deliver digital transformation across their business. 

Workato Enables Non-IT Employees at Gainsight to Build their Own Automations

To help the organization stay agile and to accommodate growth, Mosgovian wanted less technical employees to play a role in building automations.

Mosgofian says that Workato has allowed them to do just that: 

“If you’re trying to run a very agile operation in which your business analysts, or even non-IT users, are empowered to get a lot of work done (building automations) without a ton of technical expertise needed, Workato is very strong at that.”

This new level of independence across lines of business not only allows them to be more productive and self-sufficient, but it also enables Mosgofian and his team to save an immeasurable amount of time. Now, Mosgofian and his team can dedicate more of their time and attention to tackling other business-critical priorities.

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Workato Becomes Gainsight’s ETL Tool

As Mosgofian began searching for an ETL tool, he quickly learned that there were very few true SaaS ETL tools. That’s when it dawned on him: 

“Workato is already connected to all the applications I want to pull data from. It might not be technically an ETL tool, or called an ETL tool, but I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t do it.” 

After bouncing the idea off of the team at Workato and with the help of a certified Workato Partner, Dispatch Integration, he decided to give it a try. 

Soon after he did, he was blown away by Workato’s performance. 

“One of the tables we brought down was 300,000 records, all at once. And I said, ‘how did it work? 300,000, that’s getting to be some pretty decent volume,’ and they were like, ‘Ya no problem.’ So that was fantastic!”

With Workato serving as his team’s ETL tool, Mosgofian doesn’t have to worry about investing in another product and hiring employees who could manage it—saving him both time and money.

Given the Workato platform’s versatility and power, Mosgofian and the team at Gainsight will only keep uncovering new ways to use it. As Mosgofian points out, “We keep finding new uses for the tool (Workato).”

Ready to explore all the ways Workato can transform your organization? You can get the ball rolling by speaking with one of our automation pros!

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