Greenhouse Lists Workato as a Partner! Here’s Why

Workato is an official Greenhouse partner!

Workato’s business users have seen a ton of value from building integrations and automations with the applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting software, Greenhouse.

To shine a light on the value our partnership provides, and to recognize its growing popularity, Greenhouse has decided to designate us as one of their Integration Partners

Wondering how you can build valuable automations around Greenhouse? We’ll walk you through 3 tried-and-true automations that can help you get the most out of the ATS platform!

1. Grow Referrals Quickly by Making Job Postings More Visible

Your employees can be your best recruiters. Each of them likely have numerous individuals in their networks that can be a good fit for an open role at your company. 

You can leverage their massive networks and help them refer candidates by sharing open positions in a way that’s timely and accessible. Here’s a recruiting automation that uses Greenhouse, Workbot (our enterprise platform bot), and Slack to do just that:

  1. A new job is created in Greenhouse.
  1. HRBot (a customized version of Workbot) automatically shares the position in a specific Slack channel.
A message from HRBot that promotes a specific job posting.
  1. Using another customized Workbot (Referral Bot), an employee can submit a referral for the position directly in Slack, which gets added to Greenhouse immediately.

Here’s more on how the process of submitting referrals and reviewing any works:

We’ve used this HR automation ourselves and it’s helped us increase our number of referrals exponentially!  

2. Avoid Candidate Screening and Focus More on Interviewing

According to Glassdoor, an open position attracts 250 resumes, on average.

Your recruiters likely don’t have the time to go through them one by one, especially when there are several open positions at your company. 

To save your team time and to help them focus on evaluating qualified candidates, you can use Workbot to screen candidates as applications come in. 

This involves setting up criteria that deems a candidate as qualified (or not). If they fail to meet the criteria, they’re marked as rejected in Greenhouse, while if they meet it, their resume is instantly passed forward to the hiring team.

Here’s a demo that shows the automation in action:

3. Help Colleagues Stay on Top of Upcoming Interviews 

Your candidates’ perceptions of your organization are easy to influence at the onset.

An unprepared interviewer, or worse, an interviewer who fails to show up, can be all it takes to convince a target candidate that your organization isn’t a good fit. 

You can mitigate poor candidate experiences by using the following automation:

An example of a workflow automation for interviewing candidates.

Essentially, it automatically reminds employees of their interviews at pre-set times (of your choosing). And the reminders themselves can also nudge interviewers to prepare by including key resources, like a candidate’s resume. 

You can learn more about these automations by watching our webinar, “5 Hacks to Hire Top Talent Faster.”

Through these 3 Greenhouse automations, along with the many others you can build, it’s clear that our partnership with the recruiting software is rock solid and should only grow in the years to come.

If you’d like to get started in building your own automations with Greenhouse, you can connect with one of our automation experts!

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