How to Make Slack Your Event Management Hub

Eventbrite is a great way to manage your corporate events and it’s no secret that syncing Eventbrite with other key apps like your CRM, email marketing app, and Slack can lead to greater productivity, better marketing, and ultimately more ticket sales. But are your apps are connected?

On average, most event organizers use 11 to 16 different applications to do their jobs. That means data you need is fragmented across a dozen places. Cue the aphorisms about being better together and how knowledge is power. When you have data flowing automatically to where you need it to go, you can supercharge your event marketing. Say hello to more ticket sales, higher repeat buy rates, and all with less work!

If you’re not sure where to start on your event management journey, making Slack into a hub for your event management might be the answer. With Workato, you can create Eventbrite integrations and automations quickly, with no code.

Manage Your Eventbrite Events Directly from Slack

Many businesses use a chat app like Slack as the hub of their work. To streamline your marketing efforts, Workato and our bot framework, Workbot, can intuitively automate Slack with Eventbrite, allowing you to execute a wide range of workflows without ever leaving the chat app.

Get Real-Time, Controlled Slack Notifications from Eventbrite

To easily track event registration, you can receive real-time Slack notifications every time a new attendees registers in Eventbrite. This automation has already been created for you – simply click “use this recipe,” sign into your Workato account (or sign up for a free trial), and connect your Eventbrite and Slack accounts. Voila – Eventbrite alerts in Slack!

Get Eventbrite Reports in Slack and Export List

You can also receive scheduled registration reports if you don’t want to be notified every time someone registers and export the attendee list with a button click.

Daily Registrant Report from Eventbrite in Slack

Get Easy to Read Charts and Reports in Slack

For better insight into your event marketing campaigns, you can receive on-demand or scheduled reports in Slack depicting key metrics, such as lead source, in easy-to-grasp pie chart format. See an example recipe > 

Eventbrite Slack Pie Chart

Create Eventbrite Discount Codes from Slack

Teams often use discount codes as a way to incentivize sign-ups and boost registration for particular events. With Workato, you can generate a new Eventbrite discount code right in Slack and begin using it immediately.

Create Eventbrite Discount in Slack

Workbot Knows When the Event is Over

Workbot Shutdown

You’re using Slack to reduce clutter, not create it. Workbot will automatically shut itself down when the event passes and can even archive the channel for you on the schedule you set – say a week after the event.

See It In Action: How An NYC Venue Increased Repeat Purchases by 30%

A popular music venue in New York uses Workato and Eventbrite to optimize their event marketing. The venue needed an easier way to track ticket sales, move registrants into their marketing app, and send targeted follow-up emails to attendees.

With Workato:

  • When a new event is created on Eventbrite, Workato automatically sends an email with a link to the event to a list of promotional partners, like DoNYC, the Skint and other event repositories on their email list.
  • The staff receives daily ticket sales reports via Slack, so they can better identify which events need additional promotion and detailed pie chart reports on lead sources in Slack, so they know what’s working.
  • New registrants are automatically added to the right email list in MailChimp and Salesforce, so they can send reminders and updates about other events at the venue.
  • When an artist uploads their guest list to a folder on Dropbox, Workato automatically populates the master Guest List Google Sheet. That means multiple artists or promoters can separately submit guest lists, and the master sheet will contain the full guest list without any manual work.

Overall, these integrations have saved the venue the cost of hiring an additional marketing associate, as well as boosting repeat ticket purchases by 30% due to highly targeted email marketing following an event!

Other Eventbrite Automations and Integrations That Work With Slack

Any integration or automation you create with Workato can involve Slack. Say you want every new attendee to get added to Salesforce and then send a Slack notification. OR if you want are selective about which attendees to add, you can get a Slack notification for each new registrant and add the attendee to Salesforce from inside of Slack with the click of a button. The options are endless.

Sync Eventbrite to Email Apps like MailChimp from Slack

You need to email your registrants and you may want to put them in separate campaigns depending on certain factors for follow up. Workato makes it easy to segment your registrants automatically, moving them from Eventbrite to apps like MailChimp. You can execute workflows like:

  • Adding registrants to lists in MailChimp and notifying you in Slack.
  • When a new attendee registers in Eventbrite, Workato can automatically add them to the correct list in MailChimp and send you a notification in Slack.
  • Adding registrants to MailChimp from Slack. If you prefer to do this from Slack, you can simply click a button or type a slash command.

Sync Eventbrite to CRMs like Salesforce with Slack

Integrating Salesforce with Eventbrite can cut out a lot of manual work. Workato can deeply integrate with Salesforce and your custom objects. This integration powers workflows such as:

  • Creating a new campaign, adding campaign members, and checking if present/not present.
    Workato can automatically create new campaigns, add registrants to those campaigns, and prevent duplicate leads by checking to see whether they already exist before creating them.
  • Add new registrant to Salesforce from Slack
    When Workbot notifies you of a new registrant, you can add them to Salesforce by clicking a button in Slack.

Sync Eventbrite to Marketing Apps like Marketo and Hubspot

To make lead management more straightforward, Workato can automatically add registrants to the correct campaigns in your marketing app (like Marketo) in real time, with built-in de-duplication logic. This ensures all of your marketing leads ares in one place and event attendees don’t get left behind. You can set up incredibly intuitive Marketo to Slack automations as well.

See how did it > 

Sync Eventbrite and Google Sheets

Some people use Google Sheets to organize their data or as a middleman to an on-prem application. Workato can automatically populate a Google Sheet with new registrants one-by-one, in real-time from Eventbrite. Then of course, send you a Slack notification. Check out the recipe >

Ready to connect Eventbrite with all your apps? Get started here >

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