How BT teams are responding to the economic headwinds (according to our research)

How BT teams are responding to the economic headwinds

No organization is immune to the current economic slowdown. The question of how you’re impacted, however, largely depends on the team you’re on.

For business technology (BT), the impact has been both predictable and surprising.

For example, according to our State of Business Technology 2022 report*, the majority (80%) of BT teams are receiving a bigger budget than last year, with almost a third of teams reporting that their budget has “significantly increased.” 

That said, their growing budgets are, less surprisingly, going more towards essential measures than to innovative projects. Case in point: The number of BT teams that can’t allocate any of their budget towards innovative projects has increased by 9 percentage points in just a year.

We’ll take a closer look at how BT teams are operating during these less certain economic conditions. And, for the BT professionals who’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing their jobs, we’ll explore the skills they should prioritize to become a more attractive candidate.

*We partnered with Atomik Research, an independent research firm, to survey more than 500 full-time BT professionals who work at companies that have at least 100 employees.

BT teams are relying on automation to increase efficiency

As BT teams look for ways to cut costs without compromising performance (i.e. becoming more efficient), they’re leaning on automation more than anything else.

A chart that breaks down how BT teams are increasing efficiency

Even still, the 58% is likely a significant undercount as the other approaches they’re taking naturally paves the way for automation. For instance, the changes that BT teams implement from process audits (43%) likely include automation—at least to some extent. 

Perhaps less expected, more than half of BT teams are looking to introduce efficiencies by onboarding applications. Considering how organizations already work with a bloated tech stack and that BT teams are actively cutting SaaS spend (more on this next), it’s clear that best-of-breed point solutions are invaluable.

More than half of BT professionals feel pressured to reduce SaaS spend

As organizations search for ways to reduce costs, it appears that their SaaS subscriptions are far from immune: More than half (57%) of BT professionals feel pressured to evaluate and cut down on these investments. 

How BT professionals cut back on their SaaS subscriptions, however, varies:

A horizontal bar chart that shows all of the ways that BT teams are cutting SaaS spend

Not everyone believes that BT has to go through these cost-cutting efforts on their own. Greg Paris, the Head of BT at, argues that business teams should also play an active role in evaluating their applications’ performance—and BT can show them how.

“BT can bring a lot of value to this process—not just by leading it, managing it, and making sure it happens—but by really coaching the business on how it thinks about spend and attributing value. We’ve done some creative brainstorming with the business to help them through that process and recognize that.”
Greg Paris The Head of BT at
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Hiring managers are looking for a blend of technical and soft skills 

Our report also aims to help BT professionals who are looking for new opportunities by shedding light on the skills that can make them a more attractive candidate.

Here’s what we gleaned from hiring managers in BT:

A visual that breaks down the skills hiring managers look for when evaluating BT talent

Clearly, technical skills are essential, but Stephanie Dwight, our Senior Director of Automation and Applications, believes that a candidate’s ability to show that they can leverage those skills when working with internal business partners is also crucial.

“(An ideal addition to my team can) technically articulate a business problem and speak in that manner with our business customer, then come back and understand how to solve that problem with tech.” 
Stephanie Dwight Senior Director of Automation and Applications at Workato

Given BT’s strategic role across the business, as explained by Dwight (and Paris earlier), it perhaps comes as little surprise that soft skills—such as communication, collaboration, and time management—are also a significant consideration when evaluating BT talent. 

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Wondering what else we discovered?

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