3 Productivity Bots that Can Boost Your Performance and Keep You Healthy

The 3 best productivity bots

Is your work-from-home routine productive and healthy?

For most, there’s (understandably) room for improvement, as working from home forces us to deal with a variety of challenges—from engaging with colleagues virtually to dealing with distractions in and outside of our home.

To help you work effectively and take care of your well-being, here are 3 productivity bots you can try out!

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1. Collaboration Bot

For many, the convenience of making requests in person is missed, whether it’s walking over to a colleague, or simply looking to your side and talking to them from the comfort of your desk.

You can copy these types of interactions with Collaboration Bot. 

Using the bot, you can request certain colleagues to review something by a certain date via a chat tool like Slack. You can also assign a level of priority to the request so that the reviewer can better manage their incoming asks. 

Here’s a closer look at how it works:

2. Pomodoro Bot

To help you get in the zone, you can try the “Pomodoro Technique”—a method where you split your work into short time intervals and sandwich them with short breaks (e.g. 25 minute periods of working with 5 minute breaks in-between).

If you’re up for adopting the technique, the Pomodoro Bot can assist you by:

  • Checking for meeting conflicts before you start working
  • Starting a timer when you’re ready 
  • Pausing notifications to avoid distractions
  • Letting you know when it’s time to take a break 

Check it out:

3. Food Bot

As you work by yourself, it can be easy to work through your lunch time. 

You might get by OK if this happens every now and then, but if this becomes a habit, studies show that you may be putting your productivity and job satisfaction on the line. 

To maintain a healthy lunch routine, you can use Food Bot. The bot can send you daily reminders about lunch, ask what you’d like to have, and see if you’d like to cook (which can prompt the bot to offer recipes) or get takeout.

At the end of a given week, the bot can share a report that breaks down your eating activity, allowing you to better understand your eating habits and make health or finance-based adjustments as needed.

Here’s more:

Learn more about each of these bots by tuning into the webinar, “Level Up Remote Work With Intelligent Chatbots.”

By using these 3 productivity bots, you’ll set yourself up for long-term professional success while keeping your mental and physical health top of mind.

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