Avoid the Survey Graveyard

Think about the last time you sent a customer satisfaction survey. The results come back and someone might look at the data. But then nothing happens. The data now lives in the survey graveyardOperationalizing insights from surveys to drive tangible results is a top priority for executives. Businesses use apps like Salesforce to manage sales, apps like Zendesk to manage customer service, and apps like SurveyMonkey to automate customer relationship activities. Despite these powerful tools, taking individualized action from customer feedback remains a challenge.

Consider this example: sending a satisfaction survey when a support ticket is closed in an app like Zendesk. This app tells you what the problem was and how it was solved. Somebody then manually sends a survey using a separate tool, like SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics, to get feedback on the customer’s experience; then maybe someone will take a look at them.

To truly close the loop, survey results must be tied back to Salesforce and Zendesk so that account reps for that customer can take individual action. Perhaps you have a delighted customer that you want to turn into a Net Promoter or upsell them to a new product. Or, on the flip side, you have an unsatisfied customer and need to develop a targeted retention plan. Next time you field a survey, think about these two questions:

  1. Who in your business needs to take action from these survey insights?
  2. What apps do they use that you can integrate survey results with?

Recipes will help you automate sending the right surveys tied to business events, like when service tickets close. They can also help you auto-populate survey results back into the service and sales apps that your team uses. The video below shows you how survey results can get to the sales team to influence an individual action plan.

Integrate Customer Insights from SurveyMonkey to Salesforce

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