Workato is partnering with ACP Digital to help organizations in EMEA automate at scale

ACP Digital partnership

When studying the integrations and automations that our clients in EMEA have built over the past year, we found that processes across functions are increasingly being automated—and at staggering rates. 

Order to cash automations have risen by 383% year over year; servicedesk automations have surged by 216%; and employee onboarding and offboarding automations have both more than doubled.

As organizations continue to invest heavily in automation, they’ll need experts who can guide them and provide hands-on support. 

To help meet this demand, we’re excited to announce another EMEA-based partner that provides best-in-class digital consulting services: ACP Digital.

A closer look at ACP Digital and why we’re excited to work together

ACP Digital is part of ACP Group, and since their inception in 2019, the consultancy has grown dramatically.

Operating in more than 50 branches across Germany and Austria, the team at ACP Digital helps a wide range of clients—from prominent universities to large banks to international concert halls—ideate and implement digitization and automation solutions. Moreover, ACP Digital can provide these services either “as a project” or “as a service.”

While ACP Digital offers a range of services, they’re keenly focused on delivering clients a workplace that’s built for the future. Like us, they believe this requires organizations to use agile, powerful, and scalable integrations and automations that help enable operational efficiency.

They also believe that Workato is the right solution for delivering these integrations and automations to their clients. Thomas Schrader, the CEO of ACP Holding Digital AG, explains why: 

“A roadblock to having efficient business processes still comes down to the lack of integration of various software applications, databases, architectures, interfaces, and much more. This has often happened in the cloud and thus in the “background”. Sometimes the effort ratio to integrate core applications is 1:1. With the end-to-end claim, the ratio can be even less favorable.

With Workato, this knot can be untied and integrated into a forward strategy. The cloud integration scene is still young, but already very professional and agile, which can also be seen in the more than 1,500 connectors from Workato to hyperscalers and leading software providers. Here, too, low-code is not an open wish, but a matter of course.”

Together with Workato, we look forward to accelerating company-wide automation and to increasing the competitiveness of our customers.”

We’re equally excited about the partnership. 

With ACP Digital, we’ve gained a trusted and experienced partner that’s driving the digital agenda with customers in various industries. 

We believe the partnership will only bolster their agenda, as Workato’s low-code, integration-led automation platform will support their efforts in driving automation at scale across organizations in the German-speaking market.

We’re looking forward to building out this partnership and our joint customers.

Want to work together in helping organizations achieve enterprise-wide automation? You can connect with our team by either filling out the form in this page or by contacting Alexander Seggerman directly at