4th Day of Automation: Integrate Legacy Apps using Dropbox ?

So you need to integrate a legacy app but you don’t have a developer and you don’t know code. Luckily, there is a great way to integrate even the most obscure app and that is using a service like Box or Dropbox to control your CSV files. You can automate the movement of data in the form of CSV files from any app to the hundreds of apps Workato supports using Dropbox as an intermediary.

Integrating CMDB and Legacy Apps with No Code

Any data can be exported into a CSV file and uploaded to a cloud storage app like Box or Dropbox. That means that you can integrate almost any app on the market without an API connection or even a non-cloud app. While it may seem fairly obvious, it’s easy to forget what an asset these programs can be when automating an industry specific workflow.

The cloud app for enterprise service management, ServiceNow takes full advantage of this trick using Workato and Dropbox. This Workato integration (logic pictured above) brings in asset information (all servers, desktops, routers, etc.) from the CMDB (configuration management database) into ServiceNow, which allows tickets to be filed against those assets. This integration connects the SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) with ServiceNow Express and was a key customer demand.

FlightWorks, a Private Air Charter company, uses this same trick to integrate their legacy aviation app. Read the story >


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