Workato Works With Apple to Make Integration Simple and Beautiful

Customers know what they are getting when they use an Apple product. Simplicity, power, elegance and empowerment: all of these describe Apple’s track record of reinventing how we live and play. The next frontier? How we work in a mobile world. Apple is Simplifying Business Life: Workato is helping Yesterday, Apple discussed in their earnings … Continue Reading ⇾

Finances Come Full Circle: Solving the Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration Challenge

In recent years, more than ever, business functions are more tightly linked within SMBs due to the explosion of best-of-breed cloud applications. Owners want the best apps, like Salesforce, to help find customers to buy their product. They also want apps like QuickBooks to make sure money actually comes in the door when a customer … Continue Reading ⇾

Say Goodbye to the Event Hangover

Companies spend about 20% of their marketing budget on events to find new leads.  Engaging with potential customers and partners, face-to-face, yields critical information that can secure the next sale.  Apps like Eventbrite let companies organize and manage events quickly.  All good, right? Not quite.  If you plan an event, you quickly feel the “event … Continue Reading ⇾

Avoid the Survey Graveyard

Think about the last time you sent a customer satisfaction survey.  The results come back and someone might look at the data.  But then nothing happens.  The data now lives in the survey graveyard.  Operationalizing insights from surveys to drive tangible results is a top priority for executives.  Businesses use apps like Salesforce to manage … Continue Reading ⇾

Introducing Workato

An app renaissance We’re living in an application renaissance.  The explosive growth of cloud-based apps has changed the way we work: anyone can source a ridiculously easy-to-use app that performs a single task insanely well.  There are 5 million businesses in the US alone that have built app collections ranging from around 10 to as many as 500.  Whatever … Continue Reading ⇾