Propel Your Sales with Shopify: How to Manage and Integrate Sales Channels

As a new small business owner, breaking into the market is hard.  A physical storefront will build your brand and an attractive storefront will reach customers beyond your Pinterest followers.  But what you may not have calculated was how your website went viral via social media.  Sales are now coming in from all different directions, even … Continue Reading ⇾

Workato Basics Video Tutorial: How to Search for Integration Recipes

The headaches of modern app integration generally stem from one major problem: having to build all solutions from scratch. For years this has been the case. Businesses hire developers and IT to hardwire integrations for simple problems, leading to costly and time-consuming efforts. What if you could simply search for your desired integration and start … Continue Reading ⇾

How to Finally Solve the Hassle of Expense Reporting with Expensify

Employee “road warriors” who travel frequently have high-stakes responsibilities: cultivating leads, closing new business, and delivering flawless client presentations.  But even before this part of the job ends another one begins: jumping through the hoops of expense reports.  The process of paper expense reporting is heavily manual: collecting paper receipts, tabulating  which expenses are billable … Continue Reading ⇾

How to Save Hours During Employee Onboarding: Integrate Namely with other Apps

Congratulations! You’ve hired a brand new employee.  Unfortunately, hiring is not as seamless of a transition as we employers and employees need it to be.  On-boarding new employees takes time, both on paper and in person.  Plenty of specific actions need to happen within the first few days that require repetitive and meticulous data entry.  As an … Continue Reading ⇾

How to build a Workato recipe

Workato recipes are powerful integration flows that help you integrate data and processes between your apps. They are simple-to-build, and flexible enough to handle customizations in the different systems. But how exactly should you go about creating one, and what exactly do you need? In this first installment of our tutorial series, we are going … Continue Reading ⇾