Turn HubSpot into Hub-Spokes: How to Activate Marketing Insights Throughout the Business

In today’s tech-driven world, modern marketers have many ways to connect with customers: social media, blogs, email marketing, search engine optimization and marketing analytics.  Tools like HubSpot have ushered in a new area of marketing automation eliminating the need to manually execute these strategies.  These apps automate tasks and collect a treasure trove of data … Continue Reading ⇾

Workato Basics Video Tutorial: Checking for Duplicate Records

Integrating data between apps can sync needed information quickly…but only if it already doesn’t exist in one of the systems already. Otherwise you run into the problem of duplicate records, jeopardizing quality control (which record is accurate?) and cost considerations (how much more does an app cost because of more contact usage?). It makes sense to … Continue Reading ⇾