Press Release: Workato Announces New Partnerships in the Accounting and Finance Space

Workato has partnered with Intacct and Infusionsoft, in addition to winning the Sleeter Group’s Awesome Application Award this week in Las Vegas.

November 17, 2015 — Las Vegas, NV — Workato, a powerful no-code integration platform, made several announcements this week in the accounting and financial space during the Intacct Advantage, PartnerCon, and SleeterCon Conferences. These new partnerships and awards solidify Workato as a rising leader in financial integration solutions, boasting highly flexible and powerful technical capabilities.

First, Intacct introduced their Intacct Digital Board Book for Fundraising at their conference Intacct Advantage 2015 and Workato was chosen as the integration power behind it. With Workato’s recipes, the Intacct Digital Dashboard for Nonprofits is the first and only mid-market cloud financial management solution to automate the calculation of operational fundraising insights for nonprofit organizations, using real-time transactional data from systems of record, including Salesforce and Intacct.

“The Digital Board Book for Fundraising is going to make a big difference for the nonprofit world,” said Workato’s VP of Business Development Markus Zirn. “We’re proud we could be the driving force behind its robust data and integration capabilities. It allows for easy access to KPIs and saves precious time for lean nonprofits.”

Second, Workato announced a new partnership with Infusionsoft, one of the top CRM and marketing apps for small businesses. Together, Workato and Infusionsoft built a more powerful integration between Infusionsoft and accounting apps like Quickbooks and Xero for Infusionsoft customers to seamlessly transfer data and automate invoices.

“We are excited about the release of Xero Connect for Infusionsoft with its powerful and comprehensive set of integrations for syncing Accounts, Invoices and Products between the accounting system of record and Infusionsoft,” said Infusionsoft Director of Business Development Richard Gilbert. “In addition to a click-and-run experience for our customers, it also affords Infusionsoft Certified Partners complete control to customize and manage integrations on behalf of their customers.”

Last, but certainly not least, Workato was presented with The Sleeter Group’s Awesome Application Award for 2016. The program recognizes the highest quality software solutions available in the SMB accounting software marketplace. Workato’s CEO Vijay Tella accepted the award this morning at SleeterCon in Las Vegas.

“More verticalization, more chunkification, and more digital plumbing will drive real solutions,” predicted Doug Sleeter, Founder of the Sleeter Group. “I think Workato is a critical piece of this picture and we were so happy that Workato was recognized as an Awesome Application.”

About Workato

Workato is an award winning integration platform that harnesses the simplicity of other DIY integrations with enterprise grade capabilities. Their integrations are called recipes and all recipes can be installed with the click of a button or easily customized for a more complete sync. Leading the way in Salesforce integrations, the team comes from a deep background in building integration products and will continue to expand and change the integration space.

Workato is headquartered in Cupertino, California. For more information, please visit Connect with Workato on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.