Workato Named Leader in Forrester Wave: iPaas for Dynamic Integration

A Note from our Founder and CEO, Vijay Tella

I’m excited to share that Workato was recently named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: iPaaS for Dynamic Integration, Q3 2016 report with the best scores in the market for both platform power and (low) cost. You can grab your free copy here. Inside, the report states:

“Workato delivers a powerful self-service application integration product with the goal of simplifying integration for both cloud and on-premises applications.”

Seeing our goal of simplifying integration for all apps used by businesses of all sizes written up by a respected group of analysts has prompted me to reflect on how Workato began and the amazing team that helped us get to where we are today.

A Little History

Before Workato, for over 25 years, I was very involved in the integration space – first as an early employee of Teknekron, where I helped create the first software based integration middleware called The Information Bus (TIB),  then as the founding head of engineering at TIBCO and as the Chief Strategy Officer for Oracle Fusion Middleware. I met Gautham Viswanathan at TIBCO where he created BusinessWorks, the definitive enterprise integration software to this day and a still a model for most of the current iPaaS platforms today.

When my consumer mobile video start-up called Qik was acquired by Skype, Gautham and I reconnected. He pointed out that there was a big gap in the integration market due to the rapid improvement in the application space and the need for not just integration, but consumer friendly automation of workflows. So, we gathered together what can only be described as a group of true integration veterans. From the former SVP of at Salesforce and the former VP Product Management for Oracle, to the team that built TIBCO BusinessWorks, we all agreed that there was a stagnation in the market. We had watched applications evolve dramatically, while integration solutions for those applications stayed the same.

Our Vision for Workato

We wanted to create a new integration tool, one fit for the 21st century that would make complex and powerful integrations easy to create. We also wanted to make it affordable for not only the large enterprise companies but for the SMBs and family-owned businesses who we knew could deeply benefit from the automation of tedious tasks like manual data entry. But of course, as any quest to make something complex more simplistic, this was easier said than done. In my post, How We Brought Complexity and Simplicity Together to Form Workato, I share exactly how and why we made Workato. Please take a look if you are interested in learning more about the team, our early days of testing, and how we are trying to solve the conundrum of making something complex into something that is simple to use!

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When Analysts like Forrester and Gartner show understanding for our place in the market, it reaffirms our vision of an enterprise-class platform that can not only deliver on technical abilities, but can also be afforded by all businesses. However, the true prize is undoubtedly seeing a variety of customers, partners, and analysts adopt Workato and solve their problems using our platform. For example, we’ve teamed up with Infusionsoft to bring our platform to thousands of non-technical SMBs, while our partnerships with QuickBase and ServiceNow serve citizen developers and enterprise companies. Today, with 13,000 active users from SMBs to Fortune 500s I think it’s safe to say that a new integration option was greatly needed.

I will end by simply saying thank you to everyone who uses Workato; whether you are a customer, consultant, ISV partner, or simply curious about how to automate your apps we hope we are making a difference in your workday.

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