Workato and QuickBase Team Up to Empower Citizen Developers

As announced at Emplower ’16, we’ve teamed up with QuickBase to make integration even easier for all innovative business owners and consultants! With our newly released QuickBase connector, you can automate workflows not only within QuickBase, but between QuickBase and over 150 other cloud apps and on-premises systems, such as Marketo, Salesforce, SAP, Slack and Google Sheets – all without writing a line of code.

Both companies share a joint commitment to increase ease of use for citizen developers and provide customized solutions that complement the way line-of-business users actually work. QuickBase users can now enjoy Workato’s secure integration service that supports complex business logic, conditional actions and multi-step workflows with a implementation time of hours or days instead of the weeks or months that complex, custom integrations usually require.

1,900 fields and 150 Salesforce Seats Integrated

At the joint QuickBase + Workato session at EMPOWER 2016, attendees got to see Workato and QuickBase in action as well as learn about an existing customer integration project where we helped World Business Lenders (WBL) integrate their QuickBase platform and Salesforce CRM application. The project included 1,900 fields in one of the QuickBase tables and 150 Salesforce seats.

“When World Business Lenders selected Salesforce as our sales CRM, we needed to find a way to integrate its data into QuickBase where we manage credit decisions and loan processing to eliminate duplicate, error-prone data entry. We also needed to integrate QuickBase data back into Salesforce. We decided to use the Workato integration service because it provides a closer to real-time connection than all of our other options and could handle the large volumes we needed. Now, our Salesforce CRM and QuickBase platform run in perfect unison and our sales team is saving hundreds of hours per week of manual data entry.” 

– Matt Moline, Director of Information Technology at World Business Lenders

Now, using Workato’s powerful integration service, all data going into Salesforce and QuickBase is perfectly integrated. That means that WBL never has to worry about duplicates again.

WBL final

QuickBase and Workato: A Perfect Match

QuickBase and Workato are similar in our business approach as well as our target audience: businesses with an agile mindset, rapidly changing processes, or who simply need an IT trusted platform.

“QuickBase is excited to partner with Workato because they can automate the sophisticated workflows and app integrations demanded by our QuickBase customers, all without coding.” 

– Mark Field, QuickBase Product Management

With Workato’s integration service you can build bi-directional, real-time integrations on your own or with the help of one of the expert QuickBase Solution Providers. QuickBase Solution Providers can easily monitor and support multiple clients and share their custom Workato recipes (custom integrations and workflows) amongst clients from a single Workato admin panel, ensuring success.

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