Why we embedded Workato | TalentReef

why TalentReef embedded Workato

TalentReef is the only talent management platform that’s purpose-built for location-based, high-volume hiring of the hourly workforce.

We began our search for an iPaaS because we found it difficult to get customers live within a reasonable time frame. Each new customer required a custom integration to be built, which was taking up to eight weeks. 

This hampered our ability to drive value for the customer in a timely manner, and also slowed down our revenue recognition. In some cases, we even had to provide concessions during contract negotiations because our implementation time was so lengthy.

Additionally, the engineering costs were unsustainable for us—we required anywhere from two to four full-time resources to support new customer integrations. We wanted to reduce or repurpose that headcount, but that proved to be difficult with such an extensive backlog.

Why we needed software 

We needed to take a more agile approach that would allow us to reduce engineering costs, cut down implementation timelines, speed up time-to-value for our customers, and accelerate revenue for the company. This meant having a set of connectors we could reuse.

The benefits we were looking for

  • Agility and scalability through repeatable processes
  • Self-sufficiency to reduce our reliance on developer resources
  • Flexibility to support different types of integrations

Criteria for evaluation, demo, and findings

We briefly considered hiring a third party to build a custom solution, but the cost was going to be upwards of a million dollars, and we still would’ve faced several challenging technical limitations. So we started to explore the iPaaS market for:

  • A modern, easy-to-use UI
  • A variety of pre-built connectors
  • A fair pricing model that would scale with our needs
  • High-quality, timely support

After completing our research, we decided to do a bakeoff between Workato, Boomi, and Tray.io, giving each vendor the same use case. Workato immediately stood out because its modern, intuitive UI was easy for our professional services team to understand. In addition, Workato has numerous pre-built connectors for HR applications that would clearly support our need for repeatability and speed. Lastly, Workato provided a fantastic experience on the sales and support fronts. We never felt like a number—Workato has been a true partner from day one and the team’s responsiveness has exceeded our expectations.

Making the choice

In the end, choosing Workato was an easy decision. They were the only company that met all of our requirements, and on top of that, they were able to easily articulate how they implemented the use case. 

Based on conversations with other vendors, we expected our implementation process to take six to nine months, but we were up and running with Workato Embedded Platform in just three months, so we were able to start seeing value right away.

The results

Workato checked all of our boxes during the evaluation process, and it was clear that the solution would deliver a substantial return on investment. But we never could’ve imagined that less than a year after going live, we’d see an ROI of close to 900%. 

Here’s a summary of our biggest wins so far:

  • Using Workato Embedded Platform for our payroll offering has completely eliminated implementation complaints
  • Implementations that used to take weeks now take days, accelerating revenue to the tune of $750K
  • Implementations are now completed 7X faster
  • Professional Services is now a revenue-generating team. They brought in $150K within the first six months
  • Increased scalability to meet enterprise needs has unlocked $300K in new business
  • 25 new strategic partnerships have created additional lead generation and revenue share opportunities
  • $220K in headcount savings realized, freeing up engineers to focus on feature development
  • $300K in ARR saved by mitigating churn

I couldn’t be happier with our decision to choose Workato and I’m incredibly proud of our team for all we’ve accomplished. At the same time, we’re just getting started, and I’m excited to continue driving growth through automation.