The Top Slack Integrations To Make Your Workday Easier

Slack has revolutionized in-office communications, making it easier for departments to stay informed with what the others are doing and for remote workers to stay in the loop. Instead of emailing Joan in Marketing, you can ping her on Slack and if you want to ask the whole company something you can do so with a single ‘@here’ in the right channel. Why not make checking the data from your business apps just as easy?

Getting notifications in Slack from apps like Jira, Trello, Asana, Github, and more mean you don’t have to log in and out of each app to see what is happening. You can implement integrations for all of your most used apps to Slack with one single tool – Workato. At Workato we call our integrations recipes, because much like a recipe you use for cooking, our integrations are a list of instructions that Workato follows based on a trigger. Instead of food, our ingredients are cloud applications and actions you can complete in and between them. Here are the top Slack integration recipes that are in high demand:

Jira and Slack Integrations

jira slack

Without a doubt connecting Jira and Slack is a top request. Jira lets your engineering team stay on top of  requests and projects while also serving as a record of progress for the rest of the company. Instead of logging into Jira every time you want to check in on the dev team you can get notifications to Slack whenever updates are made or based on the priority of an issue.

For Developers:

The dev team often shoulders heavy demand for their time from all sides of the company and understandably do not want to get notifications for every single issue filed in Jira. However, getting notifications when something high priority is added can help the team prioritize their day and keep the company running smoothly. This recipe will automatically post a notification in the Slack channel you choose only if a Jira issue is marked high priority.

jira 2

For Management:

The narrative for the CEO all the way to Customer Service is a little different. Getting notifications for every update in a Slack channel can be extremely helpful to keep everyone informed about what issues have been fixed or what progress has been made. The Dev team can simply not subscribe to this channel. This recipe will post a notification to a Slack channel each time there is an updated issue in Jira.

updated jira

Trello and Slack Integrations

slack trello

Trello is a useful tool to manage your projects and though originally intended for Dev teams, is often used by all departments. Here at Workato, we use Trello to organize our Content Calendar and keep a record of our weekly activities. If you want to move any information in Trello into Slack you can use this recipe.

trello slack

Complete Actions from Slack with Workbot for Slack

One of the coolest and unique integrations from Workato is the ability to command Trello from Slack. That means you can install Workbot for Slack, a bot who talks to you in Slack and does commands powered by Workato recipes, and actually get work done without leaving the chat window.

addcard to trello

This recipe adds a new card to Trello straight from Slack. Once installed, you can type a command like “@workbot Trello new card board:marketing list:To Do Description:Call Mark from Accounts”

create new board in trello

This recipe creates a new board in Trello from Slack upon your command.

For a better understanding of how to install and command Workbot for Slack read 5 Tips and Tricks for Using Workato’s Workbot for Slack.

Github and Slack Integrations

slack github

Github and Slack integrations are a common integration request. Github allows developers to collaborate and keep track of their workflow. Here at Workato we use this recipe to post any new Github issue into a Slack Channel.


The Possibilities are Endless

Workato allows you to build or copy recipes that connect Slack with over 150 applications. Here are some of our favorite recipes for Slack and apps like Zendesk, Eventbrite, Intercom, QuickBooks, DocuSign, Xero, Intacct, Stripe, Salesforce, Box, Email, Shopify and more.

5wayszendeskslack readmore

  • Integrate Zendesk and Slack for notifications each time a ticket is created or updated or check out some insanely cool things you can do with Workbot for Slack and Zendesk.
  • Integrate Eventbrite and Slack to get notified each time a new event is created.
  • Want to know when a new user is added to Intercom? Integrate Intercom and Slack for notifications. You can also use Workbot to add a conversation note in Intercom straight from Slack or look up customer information from Intercom and have it shown in your Slack window.
  • Quickbooks and Slack, Xero and Slack, or Intacct and Slack can be integrated so you get notified when your invoices go out or payments come in.
  • Stripe and Slack make a perfect pair so you know when you get paid!
  • DocuSign and Slack integration lets you know when your contract comes back signed
  • When a Salesforce Opportunity is created, get notified in Slack.
  • When there is a new file created in Box, get a post in your Slack Channel.
  • A new Shopify order deserves a Slack notification!
  • If you want to know when you get an email, you can integrate Gmail and Slack to notify you when a new one comes in.

With Workato, you can run as many of these integrations with Slack as you’d like, in addition to a huge library of no-code integrations ready to install. Connect your business apps and hours of work each day that can be spent doing something more important!

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