Recipe #15 New Eventbrite Attendee Automatically Added to Salesforce

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Our countdown of our most popular recipes continues with this useful Eventbrite to Salesforce recipe!

When a new event attendee registers in Eventbrite, Workato will create a new contact in Salesforce with no duplicates. This is imperative in order to avoid event hangover and make sure all of your attendees are accounted for after the event. No duplicates means that information won’t get logged on different profiles and ensures they won’t be bothered with double the emails or have profile updates lost.

How it works

Trigger: When someone registers for an event on Eventbrite


  • Search for existing leads in Salesforce
  • If the lead doesn’t exist, add the new attendee as a lead in Salesforce.
  • If the lead already exists, send an email to yourself.

Customization Options

You can simply customize the email field.

What you need to use this recipe

No special setup or customization is required to run this recipe. You should have an Eventbrite account and a Salesforce account that are enabled for API. Add your credentials in the connections section if you are not already connected to the apps. Go ahead and give it a try!

Things to note

The ‘Company’ field in this recipe is “-“. If you wish to capture the company name of the attendee (which in turn affects the information being transferred to Salesforce), you can customize the registration page when you’re creating your event. More information can be found here:

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