Recipe 14: A New Row in Google Sheets Creates a Lead in Salesforce

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For our 3rd day of the countdown, we have one of our most versatile recipes. Automatically create a new lead in Salesforce anytime a new row is created in Google Sheets. Whether you are collecting people who signed up for a webinar or exporting information from another program, this recipe makes keeping your leads in Salesforce a breeze!

How it works

Trigger: When a new spreadsheet row is added to Google Sheets.


  • Data in each row will create a lead.
    **Note: each row must contain the following columns: “First name”, “Last name”, “Company”

Customization Options

You can also include other fills such as Job title, Email, Phone Number, LinkedIn, Twitter and other information. Each individual fields should be tabulated in one column in the Google Sheets.

What you need to use this recipe

No special setup or customization is required to run this recipe. You should have a Salesforce and Google Sheets account. Add your credentials in the connections section if you are not already connected to the apps. Go ahead and give it a try!