Press Release: Workato Improves Slack Efficiency, Automates Manual Tasks With New Version of Workbot

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CUPERTINO, CA– (June 23, 2016) – Workato, a leading enterprise-class cloud integration service and Apple Mobility Partner, today debuts enhanced Workbot functionality designed to create a more personalized experience for employees and increase their productivity.

The new Workbot intelligently draws information from applications that is most relevant to the employee based on his or her job function. Workbot also provides notifications on the most critical information, alerting users when action is needed and orchestrating the automation of routine tasks. Already in use by over 1,700 companies, Workbot was introduced earlier this year to connect and automate logical data points and updates within enterprise applications.

Workbot is designed to help businesses integrate multiple systems easily by providing new interfaces and workflows that span multiple applications. Based on customer feedback, Workbot now includes Assist technology, a learning engine that understands the context, interaction of data between different applications, and how users interact with the data to suggest next steps to the individual user.

“Through Workbot, Workato promotes organizational agility by empowering every employee to take real-time, data-driven actions,” said Vijay Tella, CEO of Workato. “Workbot automatically provides deep attention to detail in information exchanged or needing to be exchanged between applications — the platform can highlight missing information to employees and update automatically. It operationalizes and improves previously manual processes allowing employees greater time for more strategic work.”

“Workbot has become a very important part of our day-to-day work,” said Jon-Luke West, OpticalPhusion. The ability for it to proactively send relevant notifications as DMs and being able to act on them right away from within Slack will help us get things done faster and in ways that we could not before.”

Available now through Workato, the new Workbot also serves Trello, Box and Marketo, the top three applications requested by the Workato customer and partner communities. For a full list of the update features and a video demonstration, visit

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