Press Release: Workato announces Workbot for Slack

Workbot is the first chat bot that shifts Slack from a communication platform to a doing platform

CUPERTINO, Calif., Jan. 25, 2016 — Workato, the leading cloud automation company, today launched Workbot, the first chat bot on the market that enables employees to access and command applications from within chat. When it comes to interactions with business apps, Workbot shifts Slack from a listening and communication platform to a doing platform as it takes commands and executes actionsit even understands the chat context and makes recommendations. Workato’s award-winning cloud automation and integration platform is the engine powering Workbot for Slack and HipChat (in private beta) with powerful application connections and data access.

“This launch demonstrates Workato’s leadership in the cloud automation and application integration space,” said Vijay Tella, CEO at Workato. “We were the first to market with an enterprise-class integration platform that’s accessible for non-technical business users and now we’re introducing the first chat bot–Workbot–that brings powerful work automation directly to Slack users.”

Unlike the old, inefficient way of constantly switching through applications to access business information and execute tasks, Workbot enables a single interface for users to interact with over 100 top business applications. It includes out-of-box commands for Salesforce, Zendesk, Eventbrite, Expensify, ServiceNow, Intercom, QuickBooks Online, Jira, Github, and Mailchimp. Pricing is free for up to 10,000 messages per month per business account, and customers pay per user fees per month when exceeding 10,000 messages.

Workbot drives efficiency with:

  • 360-degree views of business data
    • To gain better business insights from with Slack and Hipchat, Workbot provides 360-degree views of business data across 100+ applications, including customers, accounts, employees, and other critical data.
  • Smart filtering to show what’s important
    • Workbot cuts through spam by enabling smart filtering of data, based on data values including ticket priority and customer location, or based on thresholds such as customers with past due invoices.
  • Intelligent automation
    • Workbot’s intelligent automation acts based on business triggers. For instance, if a customer has too many outstanding support tickets, Workbot will notify the manager.

Comments on Workbot:

  • “We are excited to partner with Workato on Workbot to bring the simplicity and power of Expensify to Slack users,” said David Barrett, CEO of Expensify. “With this integration, we’re making it easy to report, change, and review expense reports with real time context for both users and admins. Workbot for Expensify makes it easy to personalize and automate their expense management from within Slack, and is a great addition to the Slack toolbox.”
  • “Mission Matters Group is on Slack and we love Workato, because it really changes the game in how we can help our clients to integrate. The Workato Slack connector lets us craft Workato recipes to deliver just the right notification instead of getting spammed with every single notification. The Workbot lets us ask questions and take actions in business apps. This is a great match between two of our favorite tools,” said Jeremy Aranda, VP of Business Development at Mission Matters Group.

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About Workato
Workato is an award-winning cloud automation and integration platform with enterprise-grade capabilities and no coding required. Workato seamlessly integrates with over 100 business applications and enables task automation across all those apps. The team comes from a deep background in building integration products and will continue to expand and change the automation and integration space.

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