The People Who Power Workato: Estyn Cannan

Estyn Cannan

As a seasoned sales pro in our space, Estyn Cannan has developed a keen sense of how organizations can best leverage integration and automation technologies to transform their operations. 

His intuition and expertise have, unsurprisingly, led him to thrive at Workato as well as help organizations execute on their digital transformation initiatives successfully. 

We were lucky enough to learn more about Cannan by interviewing him as part of our People Who Power Workato series. You can read on to learn about his hobbies, his role at Workato, and his experiences since joining us a little more than a year ago. 

1. Let’s start with an easy question: What do you do for fun? 

I love participating in all kinds of outdoor activities. When it comes to the ocean, surfing is my go-to, followed by spear fishing, scuba diving, and sailing. I also enjoy being out in the mountains, where I like snowboarding, climbing, and backpacking. 

I probably have too many hobbies, but I’m always open to trying a new one with a friend who can show me the ropes. 

2. Where were you working prior to Workato? And what inspired you to join our team?

Just before Workato, I was on the Enterprise Account Team at MongoDB. And prior to that I’d actually been working in the integration and automation space, first at Mulesoft and then at Jitterbit.

In terms of what led me to Workato, I’d pin it down to two things: Workato’s platform and vision for the future of automation and data integration really resonated with me based on the issues I’d seen with customers at previous companies. And the culture fit was obvious as soon as I started interviewing with the team (case in point: our VP of sales also loves spearfishing!). 

3. Can you tell me a bit more about your role at Workato? What do you typically do day-to-day?

Typically, I’m researching companies with the goal of building a point of view on how Workato can support their key initiatives. From there, I reach out and connect with the employees who are driving these initiatives. 

These conversations typically start by evaluating how Workato can support their efforts, but in many cases, once they see the power of our platform, they start to rethink their initiatives altogether. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that sales at Workato is a team sport. I couldn’t be successful without the help of my awesome colleagues, particularly those working in solution architecture and sales development. Sometimes, I’ll even work on events with our marketing team to help nurture and educate prospects on Workato. For example, the marketing team can help facilitate conversations between customers and prospects, allowing prospects to learn more about Workato from their peers. 

4. What excites you about the Workato platform? 

There’s several things that come to mind: our product roadmap, connector SDK, which is incredibly powerful and unmatched in creating out-of-the-box solutions where none existed before, and our Workbot capabilities—I’m really looking forward to seeing how much further Workato will take this differentiator in the future. 

5. What keeps you fired up about working at Workato (as a company)?

I’m stoked to be working with some big-time brands that are affecting the course of our society and the power house teams that drive them. The imperative to automate is driving incredible new strategies, and it’s awesome to be part of this movement with a platform that can really deliver! 

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