Are You Ready for the New Era of Automation?

The New Era of Automation is here.

For as long as humans have walked the planet, we’ve tried to do things more quickly. Today, this speed permeates the modern business. Your customers—and employees—expect things to happen faster than ever before. Whether it’s returning an online purchase or onboarding a new employee, critical processes have to happen in the blink of an eye.

The next technological frontier for the enterprise will not simply be automating experiences, but creating the experiences that customers and employees expect more easily and more quickly.

Five years ago, when we founded Workato, we saw an opportunity to help businesses achieve this speed through integration and automation. In a world where only 16% of businesses have scaled their automation use cases, it’s clear that there’s still work to do in terms of making these technologies more accessible.

Intelligent platforms are at the forefront of this charge to make automation attainable for businesses around the world. With cognitive technologies like AI and ML, automation isn’t just a brute-force initiative. It’s smart, collaborative, and innovative.

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At Workato, we’re ready for the challenge. We’re pleased to have announced three big updates to our platform:

  • Updates to RecipeIQ, which utilizes AI/ML so that you can build automations faster;
  • OpsIQ, to help manage automations at scale—including making operations autonomous; and
  • Automation Editions, which provide business teams (like sales, marketing, IT, HR, finance, and support) with quick and easy starter kits so they can automate their core workflows quickly. Check it out >

These updates aren’t just simple tweaks to our product; they’re designed to fundamentally re-think the way businesses ideate, build, and maintain their workflows. Our goal is to make integration and automation easier to scale, less expensive, and—most importantly—faster.

Welcome to the New Era of Automation!

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