How Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Pro Scaled Their Digital Marketing

When it comes to computer hardware, Logitech is a household name. A public company with over 3,500 employees in offices across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, they’re historically best known for their mice, keyboards, and webcams which are used in millions of homes and workplaces worldwide. In 2008, Logitech acquired Ultimate Ears Pro to expand their music footprint. Today, Logitech designs products that bring people together through music, gaming, video and computing.

Ultimate Ears Pro is the leading supplier of custom in-ear monitors for professional musicians, using cutting-edge technology like 3D scans of the artist’s ears to create custom, high-end earpieces. Ultimate Ears Pro relies on a strong marketing funnel. New customer inquiries must be nurtured and followed up with appropriately.

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Manual Lead Management Hurts Conversion Rates

As part of its marketing efforts, Ultimate Ears Pro uses dedicated landing pages for Product Education and Lead Capture. Leads captured on their Landing Page Platform need to move into two apps: Zendesk so that the marketing team has a 360° view of the customer, and their email automation tool, where the leads can be sorted into segmented lists for email campaigns.

Jazmin Sandoval, Digital Marketing Manager for Ultimate Ears Pro, explains that using these apps together is crucial to their operations. “We essentially operate like a startup within Logitech. We needed to configure Zendesk to work as our lead nurturing platform for the optimal visibility,” she says.

For a long time, the marketing team had to handle these opportunities manually one to one. But doing it by hand was a lot of extra work. It also created a lag time between inquiry and follow-up. That’s a big problem for a marketing team that wants to reach out to customers at the right touchpoints. If they don’t follow up with inbound inquiries promptly, it can adversely affect their conversion rate and, ultimately, the revenue.

Automating the Full Marketing Funnel for Efficient Lead Nurture

The team originally was using Zendesk as a Customer Support Platform, and Sandoval saw an opportunity to use it like a CRM. However, in order to make Zendesk function as a CRM, she needed to pull information from all her marketing channels.

Now, Sandoval uses Workato to automate their lead to cash workflows by connecting 6 marketing channels with Zendesk that provide a 360° view of the customer. She built several Workato automations (called Recipes) that keep customer data clean and eliminates manual data entry by moving customer information from their landing page platform, eCommerce platform, email, live chat, database management system, and website into Zendesk. From there she uses Workato to intelligently move and sort the customer information into the correct email lists in their email automation platform.

Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Pro uses Workato to intelligently move customer information from 6 marketing apps into Zendesk and then into their Email Automation Platform, in real-time.

For example, one Workato automation takes customer information that was gathered on their landing page platform and automatically creates a new profile in Zendesk each time there is a new lead in real-time. This recipe features built-in deduplication logic. If there’s already an existing profile in Zendesk, the recipe won’t create a new one; it will simply update the existing profile.

“I’m not a coder, but Workato gives me the freedom to build the integrations that I need.”

Once information from all 6 channels are in Zendesk, it needs to be sorted into the email automation platform for lead nurture. Whenever there’s a new profile added in Zendesk, it triggers a second Workato recipe. The automation moves each new Zendesk profile into their email automation tool in real-time, and adds their email to the correct email list. “Using Workato, I can transfer all the leads that we capture to email marketing seamlessly while making sure it is recorded in Zendesk as our system of record,” Sandoval says. This way, every new lead receives the appropriate follow-up emails for their customer segment.

Digitally Recording Physical In-Store Leads with Workato

Another recipe Sandoval created moves physical in-store leads into the digital lead nurture funnel.

Ultimate Ears Pro takes advantage of a cool and memorable in-store experience for lead gathering. The company has multiple stores where customers can walk in and have their ears scanned to create a 3D view of the ear. Each person who has their ear scanned is potentially a new customer has to be added to Zendesk for follow-up. The manual process of managing this lead data would result in data loss, late follow-ups, or duplicate follow-ups—each mishap causing a poor customer experience or loss of revenue.

Sandoval uses Workato to fetch the lead data from each physical store. The data is stored in a server database table, which Workato cleanly and efficiently moves into Zendesk. By using Workato to automate the lead management workflows, Sandoval not only increased the operational efficiency and eliminated bad data, but also improved the customer experience.

Increased Marketing Efficiency and Higher Lead Conversion

Replacing the manual process of transferring lead data between apps via CSV file brought several benefits to Ultimate Ears Pro. Backend marketing operations are now streamlined and efficient; there’s no more manual data entry, which allows Ultimate Ears Pro to run a lean operation. “It’s a solution that allows us to scale without having to grow our staff,” Sandoval explains. “Workato has allowed us to create a more seamless internal experience for different workflows.”

More importantly, automation has significantly increased revenue by improving lead conversion. Because leads move seamlessly between lead gen channels, Zendesk, and their email marketing channels, Sandoval and her team have an instant and comprehensive overview of every lead. “Workato allows us to create a 360° view of each customer,” says Sandoval. They can then better tailor their marketing efforts to each potential customer by sending the right emails at the right time.

Finally, Sandoval adds that the Workato platform gives her team the freedom to keep building integrations without a lot of technical know-how. The logic-based, self-explanatory recipes means she doesn’t have to depend on technical experts. She explains: “I’m not a coder, but Workato gives me the freedom to build the integrations that I need.”

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