Join the Discussion: Personal Workbot up on Product Hunt

Yesterday we announced our Personal Workbot for Slack – a Slack buddy for all your business apps that is now smarter, more relevant and personal. Today you have the chance to learn anything and everything about Personal Workbot on Product Hunt straight from our Founder and CEO Vijay Tella and the illustrious Bhaskar Roy.

(For those of you who are not familiar with Product Hunt, it is the leading product discovery platform on the Internet, where you can explore various products and vote for products you like.)

This is a major update based on feedback from over 1700 customers using Workbot. The biggest takeaway was that most teams were only interested in messages timely and relevant to them. We’ve now improved on Workbot to:

  • Prompt you, pro-actively, to take actions based on best practice work flows
  • Allow you to personalize bot commands to tailor to the way with your apps from Slack
  • Integrates with AI tools like IBM Watson for sentiment analysis and auto-classification (of issues for instance)
  • Deliver charts and graphs for thousands of data objects from hundreds of apps and services
  • Schedule actions and reports. E.g show your top leads from salesforce every morning when you come in to work

Read more in this Techcrunch article on the update, published just yesterday.

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So come check us out and join in the conversation in the discussion section on Product Hunt and hit the upvote button if you like what you see!

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