Press Release: Introducing Workato’s Integrated Business Suite For Non-Profits

We are very excited to announce our new Integrated Business Suite for Non-Profits during Dreamforce ’15!

The Workato Integrated Non-profit Suite (WINS), is designed to reduce administrative costs by automating tedious business tasks, subsequently reducing the non-profit’s administrative burden and enabling more time and energy to focus on their cause.

At the core of the new WINS is a comprehensive set of pre-built workflows across the most commonly utilized cloud apps such as Salesforce, QuickBooks, Eventbrite, MailChimp and Click & Pledge. These workflows can be used as-is by non-profits or easily customized to meet their unique requirements.

With the new WINS non-profit organizations can:

  • Automate the time consuming task of integrating and orchestrating data across these cloud apps, reducing manual data entry and eradicating data duplicates.
  • Achieve a 360-degree view across their fundraising, event management, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and accounting activities through these workflows.
  • Easily install and run these integrations without an IT team or coding knowledge.

The WINS combines the power of the Workato platform and the expertise of leading non-profit app vendors and consultants, to deliver a game changer in app integration for non-profits, especially those using Salesforce or QuickBooks as their core platforms.

See what our partners are saying:

“Workato’s new suite for non-profits will allow organizations to focus on their mission and not technology. Non-profits understand that their relationships with their constituents are constantly evolving. Instead of spending hours comparing files, importing and exporting data, and attempting to de-duplicate these various data sources they can focus on relationships.”

– Tal Frankfurt, the Founder and CEO of Cloud for Good and a Salesforce MVP.

“We are excited to see Workato’s growing number of applications on One of those apps – Salesforce Connect, which seamlessly integrates Salesforce with QuickBooks Online, has already gained solid traction, earning multiple 5-star reviews. Workato’s apps address the needs of our small business customers and non-profits and are a wonderful addition to the QuickBooks Online ecosystem.”

– Ronny Tey, Group Marketing Manager for the Intuit Developer Group.

microplanet“As we implemented Salesforce to manage projects across our global team, we were stuck with the challenge of getting relevant financial data from Salesforce into QuickBooks. We looked at every possible solution on the App Exchange, but only Workato provided the flexibility and level of control we needed to pull the exact right data from our highly customized Salesforce implementation and place it in QuickBooks in the exact right place.”

– Kris Carter, Director of the non-profit MicroPlanet

“Click & Pledge has been looking into integrating with QuickBooks for many years. Before working with Workato, creating a single solution to satisfy every use case was impossible due to QuickBooks’ adaptability and customization options.  With Workato, we designed a recipe that not only satisfies the needs of the majority of our customers, but offers the flexibility to modify the integration.”

– Kamran Razvan, the CEO of Click & Pledge

“As a growing non-profit, we have limited staff and resources. Workato has freed up our teammates to do more valuable work, and it has helped us do our job more efficiently, effectively, and accurately. The software is simple and easy to use. We also appreciated being able to see what other Workato users were building and learning from the community.”

– Ani Vallabhaneni, Co-founder of Sanergy
Over 750 Non-Profits use Workato to ease their day to day activities and stay within budget. Learn more about our Integrated Business Suite by reading our Press Release.

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