Introducing Expensify + Workato: Connecting Expensify to Over 50 Business Apps!

This article initially appeared on Expensify’s blog on July 20, 2015.  Please click here for the original article as originally published.

Expensify is designed to make the task of expense management suck less, so integrating Expensify with your existing tools shouldn’t be a pain either.

Today, we’re happy to present another option to integrate Expensify throughout the business. Workato lets users build custom integrations (referred to as “recipes”) between Expensify and over 50 other apps. Connect Expensify with any Workato-supported app and build in your own custom logic to fit your specific needs. How?

1. Workato Makes Integrating Expensify Easy

To create an integration, all you need to know is how you want your apps to be connected. That’s it. Workato guides you through building the logic, conditional actions, and multi-step workflows you may need. You can also build in user approval flows and an action plan if an error or exception to your rules occur.

2. Workato Takes the Guesswork Out of Integration

You’re in control but Workato takes care of syncing complex data structures between Expensify and other apps that needs its data. Workato is fully able to work with your customized apps, whether you’ve built in new fields into Expensify or if there are specific data input fields in Xero or QuickBooks that need expense information. You’re in control even when your business or workflows change.

3. Security for All Your Finance Data

Workato is the only self-service integration platform that has successfully passed the SOC2 security audit by the American Institute of CPAs. In other words, don’t worry — your information is safe with us!

To learn more about integrating Expensify with your business apps, contact Workato at, check out their Workhacks blog, or follow them on Twitter.