Intelligent Integration Should Be Integral to Your Implementations

The term “intelligent” has been a buzzword in Silicon Valley since the streets of the valley became paved with silicon. A more recent trend, over the past 5 years or so, has been the significant increase in the use of intelligence beyond just information technology organizations. With the explosion of apps, the atomic unit of business, intelligence is now being weaved into the fabric of human resources, finance, marketing, manufacturing – and all aspects of nearly any business operating today. Apps are becoming increasingly intelligent. Machines are gaining intelligence through deep learning and natural language processing, and even business processes are becoming intelligent.

Artificial intelligence is certainly a fast-growing, constantly evolving field, so it only makes sense that enterprises are moving quickly toward taking advantage of the technology. One new way businesses can become more intelligent is to apply artificial intelligence to their business, and it doesn’t matter the industry. Meteorologists can improve weather forecasts with applied AI. Transportation providers can better customers in a more efficient manner with applied AI. And B2B enterprises can combine technologies like the Apttus Intelligent Cloud and virtually any other hybrid cloud system. Thanks to a new partnership between Apttus and Workato a provider of an AI-enhanced intelligent automation platform, such integration can occur seamlessly.

Integration and Automation Across the Entire Quote-to-Cash Experience

Workato is the first to integrate with the Apttus Intelligent Cloud. Workato allows Apttus customers to automate their complete Quote-to-Cash process, from start to finish. And this can happen regardless of whether you are on the original Apttus platform or the Apttus Intelligent Cloud. What this means for your business is increased speed through automated workflows that move data in a hybrid cloud environment in real-time.

Many departments and functions interact with the Quote-to-Cash process, They all need to interact and collaborate quickly, so the need for speed at scale, is paramount, as response times can be slowed by many parties having to hold hands. Sometimes deals are won or lost based on vendor response times. Automating workflows across business-critical apps like your CRM (Salesforce), your Middle Office Platform™ (Quote-to-Cash, Enterprise Contract Management, Revenue Management, and B2B e-Commerce), and your back-office apps (e.g. ERP, Payroll & Finance), can significantly increase not only the speed of your responses but also the value and ROI of your company’s investment in solutions. Additionally, allowing end users to interact with your systems anytime, anywhere, through Apttus’ applied AI called Max and mobile messaging apps like Slack means that business can move forward as people are on the go, and away from their computers.

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Go Beyond Automation with Empowered Intelligence

Automating workflows and data movement with Workato eliminates data silos and provides better visibility into your data. Data can be pushed where it needs to be automatically, so those who need to make decisions can have access to the latest knowledge in real time, empowering the smartest decisions possible. Whether it’s boosting the speed of contract and pricing negotiations before a sale or managing service-level agreements after the sale, the combination of integrated data, machine learning and AI can arm all your business units with the intelligence they need to provide the best deals and world-class service to all your customers, across all industries. And your system administrators will enjoy managing all this with clicks and not code.

About the Author:

Eric Dreshfield is an Advocacy Manager at Apttus. Eric manages blog content for Apttus, with a focus on sharing how the entire suite of Apttus applications can benefit customers. He engages directly with the community of users and influencers and works closely with the Apttus product and marketing teams to understand and communicate what is important for our customers and community. Eric is a 5-time Salesforce MVP and Founder of Midwest Dreamin’.