How Malewarebytes uses Workato to automate at scale

How Malwarebytes automates at scale

Malwarebytes, a technology company that offers businesses and individuals cyber protection, needed an automation solution to be competitive in the growing managed service providers (MSP) market.

This led to the company investing in Workato, first to automate usage-based billing (UBB), and eventually to automate a whole lot more.

You can read on to learn about their challenges prior to using Workato as well as how they’re now using the platform to automate at scale

A pressing need to connect apps and move a high volume of data

Prior to adopting Workato, the service Malwarebytes was using to move their massive amounts of data from one application to another just wasn’t working, which prevented them from getting a foothold as a managed service provider to a growing client market. 

They didn’t think that a tool that would be able to both handle all of that information and also move it across multiple apps with ease existed. But then they found Workato in 2019 and, as Bill VanderWall, VP of Business Applications, explained, it was a clear solution: 

“It [Workato] allowed us to do app-to-app integration and it had the capabilities to move bigger sets of data into our data warehouse.” 

Automating across lines of business

Workato’s powerful automation and integration capabilities place Malwarebytes firmly in the managed service providers arena. They are now processing 1400 records a month, and growing, with speed and efficiency. 

Amy Jorde, Sr. Integration Engineer at Malwarebytes, emphasizes that now, everything is orchestrated through Workato. Examples include: 

  • Collecting a high volume of opportunities and quotes from internal databases
  • Controlling processing times to reduce impact across the system
  • Managing flow of orders from Salesforce to NetSuite
  • Generating templates for invoicing and billing
  • Process monitoring through Slack and logging of issues in Salesforce
  • Resolving issues in time for the next batch of records to be run correctly 

To learn more about how Malwarebytes remains nimble in a fast-paced, automation-reliant environment, you can watch their session from Automate, the #1 conference on automation.